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  1. Hi mate, you can find 8mm banjo fittings on ebay that will suit. Cheers Rob
  2. Mackay rubber makes 17 mm heater hose thats fits perfect. 16mm hose is to small IMHO as the tails on the fittings are18mm diametre. I tried 16mm hose and it just didn't look right to me stretched over the 18m tails. Cheers Rob
  3. I bought the Vority Dual USB car charger from Amazon after someone on this site recommended it. I run my GPS off it with no radio interference unlike the previous usb chargers I had tried. Rob
  4. Preload for the friction torque or for the slipper clutch? Rob
  5. Do any fuel injected aircraft motors run mech pumps?
  6. Russ, Lloyd with the RV6 at Mundoo has a Dynavibe type balancer. I can pass on his Ph number if you don't already have it. Cheers Rob
  7. Thanks Ozzie, Somewhere quiet is always preferable.
  8. Something closer to Arlie would be better but Bowen would be Ok.
  9. Russ, anywhere within an hour or so of Arlie beach. I have a couple of students in the area so was going to try to go to them and do the training in a block if I can find a suitable strip
  10. Hello All, I am just wondering if anyone knows of any Airstrips in the greater Whitsunday area that would permit Gyroplane training? Cheers Rob
  11. As Kevin says its getting there. The RH wing is 90% rebuilt, just need to do the fairings at the wing/ fuse join, still need to check the internals on the LH wing and modify the nose wheel. I will probably change it back to its original design. Cheers Rob
  12. I use Mackay hose. P/N HH1752 is a 2 metre roll of straight hose, 17.5mm ID which does all the stright ones and I use CH3752 for the 90 degree hose from the header tank, I by online from ezi auto spares, all up about $40 rob
  13. Kyle, Try the Gyro forum ASRA.org.au. A regular forumite 'Chopper Reid' recently replaced both black boxes on his gyro, he might still have the old ones, the thread was titled 'Rotax 912 breakdown' Regards Rob
  14. There is an RV up North here with a rotary in it that is putting out around 160hp. The guy tells me power to weight and fuel burn to HP it is allot better that an equivalent HP lyc or Cont engine, also cost to maintain is ridiculously cheaper as well not only parts but because it's not a certified engine he does the maintenance himself. I've had a look at set up and it is a neat little engine fuel injected with a planetary drive type reduction on it. I really liked it. Rob
  15. Gyrocopters trailer well, they also take up very little room in a hangar. Rob
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