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  1. Sadly, I don't find that at all unbelievable. This country has a long tradition of not being ready, of ignoring the careful analysis of past disasters. How many inquiries have been held and how many recommendations have been ignored? I spent most of last night attending to flood events (three days after a dust storm) and it was obvious that few people have learned from past experience. Short memories.
  2. Mark there is a quite a bit we agree on. Let's continue this debate on the WUA site, under the title How can Australia become the Innovative Nation as once promised?
  3. What a disappointing attitude and quite insulting to the many thoughtful people who actually care about our future. Crikey Mark, where do you get this guff? The fossil fuel lobby outspends the climate change movement by miles. True, but the world takes notice of small countries that use their brains. Greater Sydney has more people than the globally-influential nation of Singapore. Israel, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland are tiny compared to Australia, yet the world listens to them. Innovative, intelligent blokes like you will prosper when Australia breaks free of the corrupt hold over us held by the cashed-up coal lobby, dependent as it is on the near monopoly of the amoral Murdoch media empire. We will be far better off when our economy diversifies away from dependence on selling fossil fuels- a market that has a very bleak future.
  4. Fair go AM! Just because most of us are as old as Methuselah, doesn't mean we deserve veneration. (Bluddy predictive spelling strikes again- we're all vulnerable to it.)
  5. Skippy I agree, but The Good Oil only comes in strange medieval bottles.
  6. I hadn't thought of that; might check if mine are copping radiant heat.
  7. Bruce you seem to have had success at the"black art". Well done. That's a blurry big hole in your cooling duct- even bigger than the standard one. It always amazed me that Jabiru would divert any of that precious cooling air. I closed mine off to ensure all the air coming in went past the fins and ran separate scat hoses to cool the coils. I've noticed on the Jab/CAMit forum that some people run separate air ducts to cool their fuel pumps,
  8. Fly in
  9. Fly-in, $10 breakfast
  10. Fly-in, $10 breakfast
  11. Fly-in, $10 breakfast
  12. Fly-in, $10 breakfast
  13. Fly-in, $10 breakfast
  14. Bruce it surprise me too; I believe during WWII only the Russians used Diesel engines in their tanks.
  15. An intriguing story, Bruce. I'm a little confused about your LHS- as seen by pilot from behind, or as seen from in front, as the pic suggests?
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