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  1. Turbs I'm just saying that some BFR's have been far less rigorous than others. Many of us don't have the luxury of flying regularly. There have been gaps of over a year in my logbook and as a result I've applied maximum focus when returning to the air- perhaps making me safer than if regular practice had lead to complacency.
  2. How many pilots fail a BFR? Few of mine have been particulary demanding; more a box-ticking exercise to be gone thru as fast as possible.
  3. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    I bet there are a few good stories there, Skippy. I just spent a month on Yukon-BC but didn't get around to asking about batteries. I believe Lithiums batteries are much more cold tolerant.
  4. Old Koreelah

    Sideslipping again. . .

    Thanks, DJP. I'd be very interested in anything about this topic that you'd like to share.
  5. Old Koreelah

    Avoiding the Base-to-Final Stall/Spin

    Me too Mark. Why not a neat semicircle from downwind to final? The only valid reason I've heard was that during a slow, constant turn, another aircraft might be obscured by a window post or strut; "square" turns avoids this.
  6. Old Koreelah

    Sideslipping again. . .

    The CT-4 is a development of the Victa and lots of them operate locally. I've read that their triangular leading edge extensions (actually fuel tanks) have improved stall performance. That's one modification I am considering to improve my Jodel's stall behaviour, but I need to hear from people who know this well.
  7. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Why not go the whole hog and be a weight-shifter! Moving my wing involved a lot of weighing, measuring and rebuilding. No matter the fuel or luggage load, or where it's packed, I can't get CoG anywhere near the limits. Test flying successful, but I do worry about my flywheel bolts. The first start, as you describe, is a slow wind up, but when the engine is warm, the Li battery cranks over the Jab with violence.
  8. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Excellent point, Skippy. My new battery cost $400 to buy, but nearly 400 hours to install. It saved 2.8kg, which was a welcome reduction in MTOW, but I couldn't mount it any further forward to maintain balance. Even after remounting toolkit, spare etc. just behind the firewall, I had to move the wing back 18mm.
  9. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Can you show us how to install one?
  10. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Good luck with that, Bruce!
  11. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    I guess you're right Skippy, but all the search in the world is of little value if it goes over your head. I'm intelligent enough to have achieved a lot of things, but electrics have always caused my brain to fade. I designed and installed all my wiring and it works and I did lots of research before fitting my LiFePO4 battery. Apparently their cells can only take up to 3.2v. I spent months trying to find a regulator that would keep the Jab engine's charge below 12.8v -to no avail. I then stumbled on a business selling LiFePO4 batteries to rally car people (he had not thought of other markets such as aviation). He supplied a battery that is said to cope with a 16v charge, so I suspect it has 5 cells. I presume this means my Jab alternator can't ever fully charge it. What do you think?
  12. Old Koreelah

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Very interesting, Skippy. The RAA notice doesn’t specify the type of Li battery and seems to be be saying only knuckleheads will have a problem.
  13. Old Koreelah

    Avoiding the Base-to-Final Stall/Spin

    I've come across too many pilots who focus on flying a circuit with neat, square turns. I suspect this emphasis has led to a few stall/spins. Many students find it difficult to assimilate the whole package that instructors try to teach and may neglect some aspects of their lessons in favour of others. Perhaps they should give priority to keeping the ball in the middle.
  14. Old Koreelah

    Painting or Wrapping?

    My Jodel's fuselage has developed a few cracks and is in need of a repaint. I had planned on rubbing it back to bare plywood and applying a thin coat of S-glass before reprinting. Maybe a vinyl coat would do both jobs in one. Any advice welcome.
  15. Old Koreelah

    Sideslipping again. . .

    My Jodel's small rudder (with no fin) makes slipping easy. I've done some glorious slips all the way to the ground; just release pressure on the rudder at the last moment and she lines up beautifully. I'd like to reduce approach speed as much as possible, but a very experienced Ag pilot cautioned against using flaps while slipping. I'd welcome further advice.