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  1. ...until GPS goes down. Keep that paper map handy.
  2. This question always intrigued me. Because I enjoy landing much more than take offs, does that mean I don't really like flying? Leaving the ground is easy: just open the throttle and point the aeroplane. Getting the damned thing down again (in one piece) is a whole lot harder and results in a feeling of considerable satisfaction, even relief.
  3. Good point, OT. They sure were a courageous generation. A few years ago I saw evidence that some of our young people carry on that tradition. I was at a friend's place to help move stock out of the way of a large bushfire. Water bombers had made several runs over us as the blaze swept up a nearby hillside. Two large Rural Fire Service vehicles lumbered down from the fire front. Out climbed a group of local young girls and boys- weary, blackened and sweating from a day battling the fire. I felt immense pride in these young kids; they are little different to the young people climbing out of a Lanc. after a night over Gernany.
  4. Old Koreelah

    Old Koreelah

  5. Might be prudent to get local knowledge on each of those marked airstrips. A map is only reliable if it's regularly updated, and I doubt this one is. I know a couple of those strips that haven't been used in yonks: overgrown or ploughed up.
  6. FT it's beautiful, but which part is wood?
  7. Very much so. Blindly sucking up to one side or the other won't make much difference.
  8. Why can't Australia's leaders show some backbone in dealings with the Yanks? We cringed with shame over Holt's "All the way with LBJ" but it's still happening. Instead of standing up to American war mongering, as did NZ's great David Longey, our latest PM grovels to Trump and offers to help him make war on Iran.
  9. I find listening to Area Frequency quite instructive. As T88 says, too many calls are rapid-speak gobbledygook, but it's good practise to try to interpret what they're saying. The female controllers and pilots tend to be far easier to understand, but there's an aweful lot of non-standard G'days thrown in there.
  10. Can we be sure that NOTAM will always make its way to OzRunways? (Wading thru pages of NOTAMs is pretty tedious; much easier to look out for red areas on your iPad screen.) Can we be sure our tiny little wood or plastic aeroplanes will always be noticed?
  11. There seem to be heaps of WWI planes in NZ- being restored or built as replicas.
  12. That's been my solution, Skip. Not very effective though. I was keen on investing in a Bluetooth setup, but decided to keep it simple. Apple earbuds won't stay in place under my headset, so I had them cast into a pair of molded earplugs. They will fit inside my Dave Clarks, into which I've installing an ANR kit. Will have to wait a couple of months till I can try them out.
  13. About time the National Party stood up for rural voters and helped pay for government-imposed security standards.
  14. ...and if it's been parked in the sun too much, you have to add extra orange colouring to the fluid.
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