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  1. I have been to both Narromine and Temora. My preferance is Narromine with the clubhouse giving a direct view of the runway (air conditioned)not too spread out good catering. In my opinion the Temora option was good for those living in Temora no one else.It may be that with the reorganization at RAA they start listening to the members and bring our main event home. David
  2. No its in the third hanger on the right if you were coming up to look I can arrange access Dave
  3. The one at Cessnock is a 582 wire braced I know the blokes in the syndicate both good guys (it lives in our hanger) ring 0407564174 for more info.There is also a Xair syndicate with a share for sale this is BMW powered low hours on motor (10 ish) new skins two years ago for $4500 nice blokes in the syndicate ring 0425 312 341
  4. Seat weight limits apply to some aircraft just check it out. Dave
  5. Just a thought Ian why not quarantine the political threads so that in the fullness of time forumites will have access to what has been said and by who.As it is it looks a bit like cleaning up a crime scene. I do agree with the intention of the forums being non political. Dave
  6. There was the 737 pilot who could not land the aircraft (daddy bought her ticket)
  7. It does not surprise me but it is idiotic.They are doing this in tandem with the latest jingoistic marketing campain,Do they really think that the general fair paying passengers are that stupid ? I hope that irish boys tenure ends before the brand is totally destroyed (ps he is ok scraping by on a lazy 5 mill pa )
  8. I hope you get around it Darky,My girl suffers terribly from airsickness to a point where she no longer flies.I think part of it is being afraid of chucking so it brings it on. A shame as I love flying but the last time we both went it only took 10 mins before it happened. Please let me know if you crack it. Best wishes Dave
  9. Hi Bluey I dont do weightshift at present but I have heard that P&M are having major issues with sails failing at low hours.Not only that they are not really looking after their customers .I bought one of their early Typhoon hang gliders it had a flutter on the left hand side they ended up scrapping it and replacing it ( only because I was working for a Hang Gliding school who was their agent) Not saying they are all bad just check it out Dave
  10. I would ask around Jab owners and seriously research the engine durability.When at the airfield check out who is flying and who is tinkering its no fun flying with one eye on the temp gague all the time. Consider all the alternatives.Just looking in the latest mag its a buyers market at present some imported ac are now cheaper than the second hand offerings due to exchange rates . Research well check out resale values and enjoy your purchase. Dave
  11. Hi Paul They have to be treated right to get reliable performance.Use the same oil in the premix all the time and run them often (a long period of non operation can be damaging even if the hours are low ) If properly looked after the 503 has a good record. Regards Dave
  12. Would like to join you for a jam but dont think I can fit the drum kit in the back of the Savannah (Rossie might bring it down in the Nissan ) Watch this space Dave
  13. Trained as a Blacksmith in the mines in the UK Took up hang gliding .Got out of the mines and into the printing business Emigrated to Aus Went back on the tools (anyone want to buy a welding business) Bought a Savannah (love it) Looking at transition to retirement. Dave
  14. Hi Rod Is that your pride and joy looks good we will all see you coming good choice enjoy. We ought to round up the flock and do a trip sometime. Dave
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