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  1. I remember them too as a kid in the 60’s at LHR . I think the TWA examples without the wing tanks were L1649 Starliners , the last example of the Connie / Super Connie ever built , and a larger aeroplane all round . Oh happy days . David
  2. I suppose it’s one way of finding out who his friends were David
  3. You are spot on there Garfly . The ERSA clearly makes a point of the wake turbulence risk . At the end of the day it’s all about risk mitigation . David
  4. No not even another 500’ . You were suggesting an additional 1000’ in your original post and I was replying to that suggestion , however , another 500’ would breach all separation requirements between V1 traffic and incoming Sydney arrivals using RW 34L and 34R on crossing the extended centrelines . It is possible to see airliners far above when on VI , they are probably outbound from SYD and climbing to the North and East of the airport at the time , but a heavy airliner just 1000’ above you looks pretty big .
  5. Changing the site name to Aircraft Pilots (.com) certainly would “ cover ALL segments of Recreational including PPL “ , however it would also cover absolutely all aspects of piloting aeroplanes from rag and tube to A380’s and the like , and may attract the pilots of the like in greater numbers than what could be termed recreational flyers , is that what you want ? . I feel that this site may lose its long time identity as a home for recreational flyers to come together , however , change is your prerogative David
  6. Clearly showing the aircraft as 24-8182 with Sydney Flying Academy titles .
  7. That would be a recipe for disaster and should never happen . A increase to 1500’ would place any V1 traffic in direct conflict with any inbound Sydney traffic landing on 34L or 34R which , in a 3degree approach path would be at 1500’ on passing the Eastern shoreline of Botany Bay . The same separation situation exists for the LOE too with landing aircraft on 16R in particular where presently there is only 1000’ separation with the LL of CTR of 2500’.
  8. What a great piece of history . I never realised how old I was , thanks Phil 😀
  9. Are you getting that confused with the Convair 440 that crashed in South Africa whilst being prepared for delivery to Australia , piloted by the QF crew a couple of years ago .?
  10. The BOM site showed gusts of 64KTs , the same wind speed that flipped a C172 onto its roof at Camden last week .
  11. What a great day it would be to get the BBMF Lanc and this one flying together , and even better to get the CanadIan one too flying in formation . Three Lancs , 12 Merlins , what a sight and sound . Meks the hairs stand up on the neck ?
  12. I managed to find the report on aviation-safety.net . Looks like your bog standard refusal of the undercart to lower . Thankfully just one minor injury . Unfortunately I don’t appear to be able to attach the file here , but it is easily viewable on their website .
  13. Well the US consulate staff have left , in fact they have been kicked out of Chengdu .
  14. An Antonov AN 124 visited Sydney on 13/4/ 20 , it landed from Colombo and departed later that day to Kuala Lumpur . I doubt it was carrying cargo for the Snowy Mts scheme , Canberra would have been a better option . They are not a rare sight in Australia and usually can been seen occasionally in Syd .
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