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  1. I flew that one a few times some years ago . A nice little machine and great fun . It was “ hung “ from the hangar roof for many years not airworthy and may now be at Wedderburn , although not 100% about that . yampy
  2. That’s very impressive Phil. He has some good gear . yampy
  3. Looks like a British back yard . I hope the night sky obliges and rucks of celestial bodies will be observed . Yampy
  4. I’ll just translate if I may for our Aussies and others who may not be familiar with the word “ Ruck or Rucks “ , in this instance it is not referring to a Rugby manoeuvre,It merely means many or numerous and can be used in places of colloquialisms such a “ loads , lotsa and shed loads “ . I’m sure rucks of you will appreciate my translation . Yampy
  5. Astro photography is becoming popular here , and I’m sure there too . I just wish we could see the sky here , I’ve forgotten what it looks like , maybe I should take up rain photography .
  6. Thanks for sharing . I’ll digest and fully enjoy the read
  7. The PC24 was designed from the very outset to be compatible with rough field and grass runways operations . It’s the reason why the RFDS chooses to operate them . They regularly operate from outback strips .
  8. I remember them too as a kid in the 60’s at LHR . I think the TWA examples without the wing tanks were L1649 Starliners , the last example of the Connie / Super Connie ever built , and a larger aeroplane all round . Oh happy days . David
  9. I suppose it’s one way of finding out who his friends were David
  10. You are spot on there Garfly . The ERSA clearly makes a point of the wake turbulence risk . At the end of the day it’s all about risk mitigation . David
  11. No not even another 500’ . You were suggesting an additional 1000’ in your original post and I was replying to that suggestion , however , another 500’ would breach all separation requirements between V1 traffic and incoming Sydney arrivals using RW 34L and 34R on crossing the extended centrelines . It is possible to see airliners far above when on VI , they are probably outbound from SYD and climbing to the North and East of the airport at the time , but a heavy airliner just 1000’ above you looks pretty big .
  12. Changing the site name to Aircraft Pilots (.com) certainly would “ cover ALL segments of Recreational including PPL “ , however it would also cover absolutely all aspects of piloting aeroplanes from rag and tube to A380’s and the like , and may attract the pilots of the like in greater numbers than what could be termed recreational flyers , is that what you want ? . I feel that this site may lose its long time identity as a home for recreational flyers to come together , however , change is your prerogative David
  13. Clearly showing the aircraft as 24-8182 with Sydney Flying Academy titles .
  14. That would be a recipe for disaster and should never happen . A increase to 1500’ would place any V1 traffic in direct conflict with any inbound Sydney traffic landing on 34L or 34R which , in a 3degree approach path would be at 1500’ on passing the Eastern shoreline of Botany Bay . The same separation situation exists for the LOE too with landing aircraft on 16R in particular where presently there is only 1000’ separation with the LL of CTR of 2500’.
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