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  1. The news clips showed both the 737 and Bae146 in the same story , typical new coverage . The aeroplane the NSW RFS is sending is a B737-300 named Marie Bashir reg N138CG . It scheduled to depart Richmond Airbase on its trans Pacific flight this morning initially routing Richmond - Pago Pago - Hilo with a call sign “ Coulson138 “
  2. All you need is a length of wool cellotaped to the screen .
  3. Mmmmm .. wonder if that’s why the pilot refused an interview
  4. Sometimes it takes a petite while for the penny , or Euro Cent to drop . I blame Ted Heath , wasn’t he the one who took us into the Common Market in the first place 😀
  5. Incredible shot Phil. I wish I could take “ best of a bad job “ photos like that . I take it , it wasn’t taken in the midst of the Black Country 😀
  6. I flew that one a few times some years ago . A nice little machine and great fun . It was “ hung “ from the hangar roof for many years not airworthy and may now be at Wedderburn , although not 100% about that . yampy
  7. That’s very impressive Phil. He has some good gear . yampy
  8. Looks like a British back yard . I hope the night sky obliges and rucks of celestial bodies will be observed . Yampy
  9. I’ll just translate if I may for our Aussies and others who may not be familiar with the word “ Ruck or Rucks “ , in this instance it is not referring to a Rugby manoeuvre,It merely means many or numerous and can be used in places of colloquialisms such a “ loads , lotsa and shed loads “ . I’m sure rucks of you will appreciate my translation . Yampy
  10. Astro photography is becoming popular here , and I’m sure there too . I just wish we could see the sky here , I’ve forgotten what it looks like , maybe I should take up rain photography .
  11. Thanks for sharing . I’ll digest and fully enjoy the read
  12. The PC24 was designed from the very outset to be compatible with rough field and grass runways operations . It’s the reason why the RFDS chooses to operate them . They regularly operate from outback strips .
  13. I remember them too as a kid in the 60’s at LHR . I think the TWA examples without the wing tanks were L1649 Starliners , the last example of the Connie / Super Connie ever built , and a larger aeroplane all round . Oh happy days . David
  14. I suppose it’s one way of finding out who his friends were David
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