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  1. Does anybody have the allegro 2000. I wanted to know any good or bad comments. I really like mine it's like a little hot rod....thanks
  2. www.sharedmemories.com.au contact details are on the site John
  3. Politics related to the pm i think is ok at the moment due to its history changing circumstances. No politics should refer to the aviation side of things like in organisations such as casa and raaus
  4. Thanks guys, yeah had a great day
  5. The real youngster being me? Lol not too bad at all. Everything couldn't be better
  6. Ohh ok K. Robbo i would expect a tip of course lol
  7. You had no way of knowing K so that's ok. I had a great day and night with many family and friends. Poor hudson thought he was having a birthday and a party too. He got pressies to, more than me
  8. It was yesterday by the way and yes you are getting old you old fart
  9. and you survived too, well done. Love a happy ending
  10. John, all messages are here in this thread. Please keep this to the one thread, thank you http://www.theaussieaviator.net/threads/forum-member-chainy.34705/
  11. Glenn


    Condolences to you and Geoff Kaye :(
  12. admin is here. are you spamming us?
  13. Thanks everyone for the well wishes, interesting times ahead for sure and all worth it. As Kaye said above my time here will be limited even more as you can imagine but things are running smoothly all thanks to the wonderful members we have. You all should be congratulated for your professionalism in your postings, well done
  14. Thanks for your birthday wishes people. If you call turning 39 a good day then I had it, other than being ill for the past 3 days too. Had to work late shift friday night but had to go home 4 hours early. Going back to bed shortly
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