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  1. Here is the the answer to your question, Yes, as an aircraft owner you have to get the annual inspection done every year even if the plane has flown no hours. Also if you fly 100 hours before the year is up, you need to do another annual type inspection to get another 100 hours or to have another 12 months from that date of the last inspection. These are the normal maintenance rules. Not to be rude, but if you don't understand the reasons behind what people are trying to saying and you own an RAAus plane. It would best that you don't do any type of maintenance without having an exp
  2. RFGuy, I hear what you are saying RFGuy and see what you are thinking and I am enthusiastic to hear you are wanting and willing to do bring some of your expertise from another field. I would be happy to have a yarn with you, I have an experimental Jab 430 with a Gen 4 engine with 2 full EFIS's and a spare input that can be programmed and configured. I don't feel the need to have vibration monitoring on my aircraft, but I think it would be good to confirm that you are flying your aircraft in the RPM sweet spot for your air frame and engine. I also think vibration monitoring would be jus
  3. Just Quickly Tuto, I had a few issues some years ago and they continue, nothing like a transplant, but it took some time to work through our CASA's processes. But from what I can workout and to be honest, if you are seeing a Doctor and Specialists on a regular basis, you could be well in front of the guys that don't. Everyone is different, Class 2 here is what I need for PPL with NVFR . It may have costed me more to start with for my testing, but it seems if your blood pressure and heart is good, that's a very good starting point from what I can work. cheers
  4. jackc, your enthusiasm in having such for aviation and wanting to do things in your own way and time is entertaining. My first student was a farmer, before he finished his flight training to the solo stage he purchased a single seat 95-10 aircraft. When I heard about aircraft, I told him no way he was to fly his plane until we finished his training to at least solo and got checked out by the senior instructor, he agreed. Now just down the road from his farm was a mate who owned a similar ultralight, so you guessed it, with in days they got their ultralight out and went flying arou
  5. Honestly, I would prefer to hear about problems with an unbiased truthfulness. I am happy to hear if barrels are cracking as that's much better than the old days of pistons blowing apart with values coming apart. I would image somewhere along the way Gen 4 engines could have some teething problems. But I think the fundamental design of the Gen 4 is really good start. Barrels cracking are not a new thing to GA aero engines as shock cooling with glider tug work and or some types of flight training have all caused barrel problems in the past. What is a big problem, why aren't these Barr
  6. Thanks KG Wilson for telling us that it can be done to design an efficient aircraft cowl and ducting system that can keep a Jabiru cool for your Morgan. I do know of another home builder owner who has a Jabiru 2200 in his aircraft and he can also keep his engine so cool, that he has to reduce his cooling efficiency for the winter months. Facthunter, I am sure you can see why you would not get much response from Jabiru Aircraft owners or Gen 4 engines owners after reading this thread prior to the last 4 post. I agree with Jacmiles, Kyle if you really think you know something that is not bia
  7. Oh Boy, I have read this thread from beginning to end and after 3 pages of verbal diarrhoea coming from some of our first Class Members, I am actually a shame, as to how my fellow pilots act on this forum. The topic was "Jabiru Gen 4" and the question, "Has anyone replaced their old Jab with the new Gen 4? Did it just fit right in with the old cooling ducts or are new ones required, is it really a direct swap? Are you happy with the performance, is there a noticeable difference in the operation? Thanks... " Recently we purchased a Jabiru with Gen 4 engine in it. We did own a Cessna fo
  8. Boy dmech, I can hear and see your frustration, but does not caps lock means you are yelling at me and why would this be? I am sure all of us who actually fly behind either a Jabiru or Crossbred Jabiru engine are all wanting the same thing, to keep flying our aircraft, do our maintenance, achieve the overhaul times and major service interval as specified and if this happens, happy days for all. I had the chance a while back to buy a very nice Jab 430 with Camit engine, it was nicely maintained, but for me, Camit was no longer an option, what would happen if 200-300 hours down the tra
  9. As to the VH-OFR failed piston, it was of the type from other company that many Jabiru owners were turning too, because of the frustration they had from the poor time intervals, thus serviceability of the genuine Jabiru engine assembly. That all.
  10. Sorry, with that quote, I was taking the micky out of us Aussie males who think a $5.00 pair of magnifying glasses and can solved our eye sight problems, including me. Please think again and see an optometrist, I finally learnt and found the money was well spent and worth it.
  11. Hi All, What I am going to say is what most people will already know who wear glasses. When I first had trouble reading, liking most man, I raced out to get a $5 buck pair of magnifying glasses, problem solved. But when I decided to get back into flying GA and RAAus, my short and long vision required professional correction. I found an optometrist with some aviation experience and I got the following type glasses, multi-focal progressive lenses, with adaptive transition coating, with added protective lens coating and yep, it did cost a bit. The real stinger was that the GA medical,
  12. Hi All, It seems to me, everyone is running out getting ASIC's and some don't need them. So what's the real question that should be asked. Do I need an ASIC Card? Or can I really have a ASIC I.D., only if you Frequently fly into security airports. So what does Frequently mean. If someone frequently goes to the pub, it could be said they are going to the pub one or twice a week. If someone frequently goes to the beach, it could be said they are going once or twice every two weeks. If I am told someone frequently play tennis, you may think they play tennis weekly or fortn
  13. Hi Fellow Aviators, I don't spend much time on forums for many reasons, so I am not so well informed about the protocols of such things. But I see I have been given caution for my last post on this subject. Whilst it does not worry me so much, it does seems to be somewhat rude to caution a person without explanation. So if someone could explain what this caution is all about, I would be grateful. Cheers to All.
  14. I have use Oz Runways over the past few years and found it to be good on an Ipad, but I am disappointed in this situation. I think Oz-Runways has walked away from this situation knowing that many people will not agree with the idea of their exclusivity rights only for their own product at a National Event being run by membership type organisations. More importantly we should support which ever organisation choose to leak this information, hang on, that's not the right word, it's not a leak, as we members of these organisation we are entitle to know details of what the Management Executive
  15. I might chime in on this issue, I am involved with many different events each year in a professional capacity. Some Event Requirements. Event Liability Insurance. Event Volunteer Insurance Event Airshow Insurance. Wet Weather Insurance Media, Advertising, Online Content. Office Consumables Event Staff. Staging Crew Council Costs, (Rubbish Collection, Hire of Council Own Facilities, Traffic Control, SES) Government Permits Police. Overnight Trade and Site Security Crowd Control. First Aid or Medical Personal. Event Electrician Portable Toilets f
  16. Well I got some flying in this afternoon as well. I've heard some people are thinking about another organisation to manage Sports Aviation. It seems our Government can't legislate to give one organisation a legislative monopoly over giving a service, unless it a Government run department like CASA. The Government removed the Australian Wheat Board on this premise a few years ago from having an legislative monopoly. At the time the Wheat Board was the only organisation that could sell Australian grown wheat, wheat sold here in Australian and Overseas, (they called it Single Desk). The
  17. Sounds, good I need to do the same.
  18. Hang on a second, are you saying that the CEO who manages RAAus, purchased a software program that can't handle late payments from members?
  19. Hi Graham, The airstrip is over grown from what I have seen of it on site, but talk to Trevor at Clifton, he would know lots more. But it's fair walk into Leyburn, better to see if any of the members from Clifton go out to the sprints and hitch a ride with them.
  20. Sorry, I have not read this whole thread, I have more important things to do, like going flying. This may have already been said and I don't like the direction RAAus is being taken away from it members driving the outcomes. How dump can some people be, just give the members a discount who pay on time, we would not even be having this conversation. It's then our choice to pay late if we need to for some reason and not being made to feel bad because of a late payment. In business it better to have a late payment than no payment.
  21. I love it, love it, love it, "an then I met JIM", and then????? whats this squeeze primer bulb stuff, was't it your auxiliary fuel pump that just needed to be squeeze..... boy, for year's they told us, you can't fly over 500 ft, then one day, some boffin tells us we can't fly under 500 ft, So up over 500 ft , nose bleeds and back under 500 ft we wanted to go. Look how much piloting skills did we learn getting around under 500ft and doing it all legal, can't do that today. Oh.... I forgot something, it was a bit of a bugger for many, not being able to cross public roads.
  22. Oh man, Frank, look at your hours, look at your life long passion for ultralighting and drifters:plane:, you have to tell your story about flying Nth. Qld. style. . Cheers.
  23. Frank, not sure about the book writing and I am sure there are just as many other guys around with great stories. But Oh boy, all that stuff you talked about, it still was sitting around in the back of my mind, which I thought I had forgotten about. Yep, those gear boxes and cranks, had everyone, me included, flying around just waiting for the bang. I also welded up an early 503 exhaust several times, I tried beefing up the exhaust mounting plates each time thinking it can't crack now. It was not until I also redesign the mount to take the vibration that we stopped the cracking. My mo
  24. Hi Frank, The motor was a Rotax 503, single carby and single ignition. In those early days, everyone was really experimenting and leaning what these snowmobile motors were going to be like. One thing I do remember even out in the bush, Bert and Jim's service and support was up there, even thought it was a big leaning curve for everyone involved. As some bigger hours where starting to be put on the odd drifter mustering, they started to find issues like exhaust spring wearing and then the ends breaking off and spring going through the prop. The odd gear box and crank shaft turned ou
  25. Thanks Frank for doing the Facebook thing. You know Frank, I just had a look in my AUF log book to find it's been just over 30 years since my first solo flight in an Austflight Drifter. It was owned by Steve and Toby Robinson who trailed it around the stations and mulga ridges of Western Queensland displaying the drifter as the perfect mustering aircraft, it was, but the motor was not at the time. Must go work to do, but again thank you. Cheers Jim188
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