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  1. engine missing, check and clean micro filter inside fuel pump if there is one, also do a fuel pressure test, filters may be blocked, it is fuel starvation will happen on full throttle with a backfire. I had similar with rotax 914 and every one i spoke too thought there was fuel contamination. Checked pump one and found the microfilter blocked could not see daylight after 100hrs from new, after cleaning problem solved.
  2. Went for a fly to Inverloch, Venus Bay and on the way back over wonthaggi, was just before xmas 2014 some office staff were at Venus bay enjoying the surf and collecting shellfish (pipies). Couple of runs up Venus bay beach and could count 5 rips. Did a couple of dives to take a closer look and some of the pipie collecters were not far from one of those rips. Unfortunately one of the swimmers got caught up in the rips and drowned. Low flying with the gyro is fantastic dogging the beach goers and the surf. Compiled a dash cam video and it rus for 18mins, did chop a lot but guess a lot of rol
  3. seen this blog yesterday ROTAX 915 IS: BRP UNVEILS A NEW TURBOCHARGED ROTAX AIRCRAFT ENGINE Written by Rotax-Owner font size Print Email Add new comment BRP introduces a more powerful 135-hp Rotax aircraft engine at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin – the Rotax 915 iS. Oshkosh / Wisconsin, U.S.A., July 21, 2015 – BRP introduces a more powerful 135-hp Rotax aircraft engine at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin – the Rotax 915 iS. Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 / 914 engine series, the Rotax 915 iS engine offers
  4. Brendan, 20hrs duel and 5 hrs solo is correct, but good luck if you would be allowed to go solo after 20hrs (Recreational choppers only). Turbines is a different endorsement including theory.
  5. like what others have said try a thread chaser, if using helicoil you need to pick up all the metal that falls into the bore, have done it in the past and used a flexible pen light and double sided tape on a long thin screw driver to pick the bits of metal.
  6. There is no duty on aircrafts or aircraft parts, but 10% GST applies to cost of goods and freight converted in AUD. Once the weight goes over 50kg the cost goes up, $98 to $105 per cubic mtr if in box just for a forlift driver to unload from an LCL container if ocean freight. Airfreight is different again, charges vary. If you bring an engine with a declaration from supplier stating warranty repair, there are no gst charges, may have to pay $70 brokerage fee for the customs and AQIS lodgements.
  7. sorry, trying to understand what you are saying or have i missed something. You mean customs broker right, they have to be licensed in Australia or they cannot handle your cargo (you cannot use an overseas agent unless you want to travel, different story). Usually a customs broker here will contact their nominated broker in the country of origin. I have between 10 to 15 containers every month from Asia, US and EU, using 2 brokers to keep them honest, this is my business i ought to know the traps, unfortunately i do not advice, i provide the facts in the real world.
  8. Hi Mark, welcome, Mozambique is an awesome place to have a bit of fun, many of you south africans fly gyro`s have been speaking to the agent for arrow in SA and these guys have a coastal gyro flying tour each year to Namibia. Way out of my reach unless i can tee up an overseas trip.
  9. ok here are some of the issues you will encounter, if on a pallet you will need an SP15 certification from an authorised body (the wood need to be heat treated by a licensed cargo handler) you will need a declaration from the rebuilder stating that the engine is clean and free from dirt, grit, soil etc. It depends on the size of engine, you can try interparcel (i brought a hirth back from germany was $700 aud all up foamed up in a cardboard box no wood 38kg), you will need the dimensions and weight to get a quote or you can use a broker. If you like a broker " priority cargo " speak with
  10. The Android is a clone, if you leave apple you will regret. There are many bugs that get picked up in the android system , just turfed my samsung in the S bend and flushed, 8 months of headache is enough. Have 4 of my staff crush theirs, i have got them back to apple. My suppliers overseas are also changing back to apple after a painful experience.
  11. very nice plane, insurance may be an issue, i am sure there is a question on carbon fibre hulls due to toxicity ie; cleaning up on a crash.
  12. Thought will bring this subject up after purchasing a new box (12 x 1ltr) of aero shell sport plus4 oil. I had a release certificate and an expiry date, also on each red bottle (previous black with orange label). Called an expert in the oil industry and he said it is to do with the the antifoaming additives going off within a period of 4yrs from date of manufacture. The release document i received stated "this document is issued under the authority of joint fuels and lubricants agency, department of defence. My point here is that the use by date from date of manufacture needs to be checked
  13. mine is an ipad 4 mini wifi ios 8.3 no issues so far, but is a worry if has disconnected, better program the 695 incase.
  14. Thanks Rick, you are correct it is the air mixture screw turning in has to effect the idle cutting the air mixture, hence turning out must lean same as the bing carbies on the 582.
  15. Here is the rectifier connection drawings i received from Bert Flood when doing my wiring, if the 22mf 25v capacitor was an option why is it on the drawing, and why was i told that it must be added. rotax_capacitorconnection_drawing313.pdf rotax_capacitorconnection_drawing313.pdf rotax_capacitorconnection_drawing313.pdf
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