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  1. Chris fair enough restarting if you were running out of runway but it probably would have been a good idea to take it back to the hangar once you got back down! Sorry to add to the "ambush" but it seems you aren't aware of the gravity of what happened! (Pun intended :p )
  2. That was 10ish hours command time, I had almost 20 hours dual, and has previous experience in a VH reg piper warrior
  3. I did also have about 7 hours in a piper previously. I don't think any exact number of dual hours is "enough" for everybody.. surely it's up to the instructor to decide if the student is at a suitable level to be sent off with his "licence to learn"?
  4. I've been flight simming and studying for about 5 years. I always approached the sim like it was a real flight and I feel like that was why I got through my training on the minimum hours. And I have closer to 10 hours of command time.
  5. I'm lucky, the place I fly has a new Sportstar that's VH registered, so that saves having to do a few hours learning anew plane at least. I noticed on the RPL application it says you need 5 hours of solo (which I have) and 20 hours of dual... which I don't have because to get my ra-Aus all I needed was 20 hours total of which 5 are solo... surely I don't need to go and do 3 more hours of dual in an ra-Aus reg plane to convert??
  6. Will do! Are you on facebook? If you are you should join our group Perth Pilots, I think we're having a meet up this friday
  7. Yep I'm doing as much on the sim as I can in preparation for when I actually have the time/money for my x-country endorsement
  8. As the late Bob Hoover once said, "...fly the thing as far into the crash as possible"
  9. Im going to apply for my RPL, just wondering what needs to be done/how long it takes etc. I already have a class 2 medical, have applied for an ASIC... I think I just fill out the forms and do a checkout in a VH reg plane? Anyone who's done this recently with any info/advice would be appreciated!
  10. Probly needed more right rudder if you were holding right stick? Congrats on the solo, you can now call yourself a pilot!
  11. APM.. Just delete the account and start fresh! Only add aviation people and hey presto problem solved :) or just go flying ;)
  12. We are starting up a community of Perth based (and anywhere in Wa) Pilots, so we can organise social events, and basically keep in touch with other local pilots. Search Perth Pilots on facebook if your interested. Mods feel free to delete if this post is inappropriate!
  13. Yeah the first 200 is statistically the danger zone... what's that book... the killing zone? Something like that
  14. Looking for any WA Pilots that may be interested in joining our little facebook community, the idea is to be able to organise social events and meet new pilots in the area. It's Perth Pilots, just search it on facebook. I hope it's okay to post this, mods feel free to delete if it's inappropriate!
  15. Well there you go, licence in the mail the same day I had a whinge that it's been over 5 weeks haha
  16. It depends where you are flying out of, I fly Ra-Aus out of Jandakot airport which is Delta airspace and I need to have a class 2 medical
  17. It's been 5 weeks so far and still no licence... I did get in touch with Ra-Aus though to confirm they received my paper work and all is good for me to fly, which they did and I am.
  18. I had heard ppl say don't side slip a Cessna with full flaps because you lose authority in the rudder and elevator due to the flaps being such big barn doors hanging down blocking the air flow
  19. Exactly the problem I had at first, letting that nose down at too high a speed and then getting a good case of the speed wobbles as I tried to slow down. I wondered why it only happened when I was solo and not with the instructor.. Until I realised because when with the instructor he would be saying "hold it off hold it off hold it off" On my own I was getting lazy.
  20. Gday Henry, might bump into you one day (well I hope not literally) I fly out of Jandakot, just got my licence recently
  21. Yeah that's why I want to get the study material now, I won't be doing the practical stuff until next year due to a lack of finances (more babies) I do a lot of flight simming and try to do all the cross country planning and navigating as realistically as possible so I feel like I already have a pretty good grasp on it. But I'm sure there's still a ton to learn for the exams :)
  22. Feels like this was an eternity ago! My first solo In April
  23. Yeah but the exam is pretty much written to that study guide so I wanna get it to make sure there's nothing I miss. And I won't be doing my Nav endorsement for a while so I wanna slowly work my way through it
  24. I got my licence with Cloud Dancer, I highly recommend them, ask for Adrian. Cheapest way to go about getting your RPL at Jandakot
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