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  1. 220 dual and 150 solo in a Sportstar in Perth, plus landing fees. All briefings included.
  2. i was wondering, has anyone bought the Ra Aus cross country study material and now completed their endorsement that might want to sell it?
  3. Yeah that's why I got a few different filters to play around with, on a really bright glary day I would imagine it would help to have a filter. If it's overcast I would probably just not use a filter and accept the blurry prop. I just drilled tiny holes to line up with the existing go pro cases holes, and used the existing screws. I haven't had a chance to fly with it yet but when i do I'll post how I went. I have 0.6 , 0.9 and 1.2 ND filters
  4. I used Neutral Density filters, 1.2 seems best for getting rid of prop blur but also have a 0.9 and 0.6 to play around with
  5. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I recently did a go pro mod to get rid of the blurry prop you get in videos. I bought a camera filter attachment and mounted it to the go pro case, and bought a kit of different filters, so now I can screw on whatever lens I need for the day. Works great and much cheaper than buying the one specifically for go pros.
  6. A bit late mate, I've got my licence now! But I did use that site and was pretty disappointed honestly. The exams were not any better than the free ones that are out there, and I expected there to be some kind of feedback to your wrong answers and some kind of study material for the money they charge. And when I contacted them saying I wasn't happy they just ignored me. Thumbs down for me I'm afraid.
  7. Lucky guy! I think it was about three months for my medical because I have asthma. It took that long to establish I have a puffer. Lol
  8. [quote= Do you guys depart the circuit on climb or wait until clear of the circuit before climbing out? How about joining the circuit - what's your preferred method? Opening a can of worms with that question! Another great vid mate
  9. Thanks Geoff13 that's kinda what I was wondering.. If they take months or a week or two. Kinda dumb but I'm really excited to get the actual licence hahaha will make it more real I guess :) I figured once RA-Aus processed it my details on my Ra-Aus login would be changed to show I have a licence. I notice on there it had total hours members have flown since January... Is there a way to log your hours with Ra-Aus? Do ppl actually do this or are they estimating these numbers?
  10. So I was just wondering how long it takes RA-Aus to process a new licence? Are we talking CASA times? Like 6 weeks or more? And if I've passed my flight test and all my exams do I need to wait for the piece of plastic to be sent or am I legal to fly now? I know I could still fly solo under my student licence but just wondering
  11. I'll hold you to that mate! Thanks, it's a good feeling! Gotta get my Nav endorsement now..
  12. Haha yeah love that song, I already used it in another video tho :)
  13. i just passed my flight test the other day (Ra-Aus) so I made a video of all my flight training leading up to that day. No Comms, just music, sorry all old buggers that don't like music :p
  14. Yeah that's what I do, I readback what they say. I guess I kinda already knew the answer to my question
  15. "Murray Field traffic Jabiru 8364 is commencing pushback from hangar, turning nose to the north, then starting pre flight, Murray Field" I can't help but think this thread has gone off topic, but interesting none the less :)
  16. So clear of all runways isn't a required call at non towered airports? Reading this from casa it seems like there are only recommendations and no hard and fast rules of which calls have to be made.. Probably doesn't help the whole situation of instructors teaching what they think should be done rather than a set guideline of what calls to make https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net351/f/_assets/main/download/caaps/ops/166-1.pdf
  17. You can actually get some airport's ATIS feeds by calling a landline phone number that just loops the current ATIS. I usually call and listen on the drive in to the airport :)
  18. I started learning to fly in a piper warrior out in Kalgoorlie but I did my ra Aus training at Jandakot airport
  19. It was overcast at about 3500, light winds, and fairly smooth air. A few light rain showers around so vis wasn't the best. Actually we hit one in the way out and had to duck down to about 2500 to stay clear. We just departed to the training area as normal, did some steep turns, stalls, simulated engine failure, precautionary field inspection... All stuff I was pretty comfortable with. We headed back in and I had to ask tower to switch to the circuit runway (as I had just called a normal inbound call out of habit) so I had a bit of a mouthful of a clearance to read back but managed it ok. Did s
  20. Yeah I was told that when you start thinking you know it all you start getting dangerous
  21. So after about 6 months of training I finally passed my flight test and the remaining 2 exams I hadn't done yet! Worst part was having to go to work all day afterwards before I could have a few celebratory beers!
  22. Well yeah I was kind of thinking that, they know what runway you are holding short of because you've already announced that, and they can see you sitting there. Maybe the coffee machine was broken lol But I guess I'm wondering if it's actually technically correct to say the runway as well. I think I usually do but not always
  23. So normally at Jandakot we have runway 06L on 118.1 for most of the landing and departing aircraft, and 06R on 119.4 for aircraft doing circuits. On this morning it was obviously still fairly quiet as it was still early, and they had all traffic on 118.1 which I hadn't encountered before. they seemed to be picking on everyone (for want of a better word) for saying "cleared for takeoff" instead of "cleared for takeoff runway 06R" Normally just "cleared for takeoff" is allowed, I'm wondering a) how is the pilot meant to know that on this day a different read back is required and b) is it act
  24. The other day was my last hour I needed to meet the requirements for my flight test! Flew out into the training area south of Jandakot, did some steep turns, stalls, practice engine out, precautionary landing field inspection, then back home again. Got beat around on the way back but it's all part of the fun right? :) hoping to get my flight test done as soon as the weather clears
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