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  1. Welcome to the club mate :cheers:congratulations
  2. In the book it did say that these markings are more common in the US but I thought I better get it in my head just incase it pops up in the exam
  3. Oh yeah. Really obvious. Don't know why I had it in my head that they represented base and final. Thanks guys, feeling kinda dumb hahaha
  4. So I don't think we use these very often here in Australia, but it's still in the study material.. Anyway these two diagrams seem to contradict each other, wondering which is correct? I thought that the "L" indicates the base and final segment, like it seems to be represented in the diagram on the right. But on the left diagram that would mean both runways would be right Hand circuits but the caption says left hand circuits? Confused
  5. All complicated diagrams and technical words aside... If you suspended an airplane up in the air... Say hanging from a hot air balloon... Not moving at all... Then you drop it... What happens? It would fall straight down but nose first right? Cos it's got a big heavy engine at the front... Someone turn that into something intelligent for me ;)
  6. Have you looked through the stuff on this site? Hit menu at the top left then tutorials
  7. Well I made it back in one piece, the planes even good to fly still! ;) was a really good experience being out there alone. Video to come :)
  8. The forecast is for 1 degree, no rain and less than 4knots... Should be perfect!
  9. Got my first area solo planned for early tomorrow morning, super excited and slightly nervous!
  10. You can always mount it a bit closer to the front. Again depends on the plane you end up flying! You could even go the head strap. I find that even with the instructor I can still see enough, there's a few other videos on my you tube channel with the instructor. Anyway you're learning VFR you don't need to much reference to instruments. It's more helpful just having the video to jog your memory. I usually watch my last flight the night before my next lesson.
  11. This is the view I get from the GoPro hero2 mounted to the canopy with a suction cup, in a Sportstar
  12. If you turn up prepared for every lesson, ready for what you're going to do (ie have a copy of the syllabus) and if you record your lessons with a GoPro and have a good look at what you learned.. You will save yourself a lot of flying time! It's amazing how much information you miss without a video to go over. That way you don't need to "relearn" things on your next flight. I'm only a greenhorn myself, but just thought I'd mention that since I've found it extremely helpful. Also I find using flight simulator on a pc with a yoke and throttle to be very helpful, even if mostly for practicing pro
  13. 1000 feet vertically?? At Jandakot where I fly we routinely have inbound traffic @ 1500msl overflying pattern traffic @1000msl. I much prefer the counting rivets rule hahaha
  14. Well I fly out of Jandakot which is delta airspace.. Or are you talking transitioning through Charlie etc?
  15. I know that once you have an Ra-Aus licence it's a fairly simple process to convert to an RPL.. My question is if I had an Ra-Aus licence with pax and cross country endorsements, and have applied for an RPL, and have a bit of experience in Ra-Aus planes, what would be involved in getting the PPL done from that point? Is it like another 20 or so hours or is it competency based? I'm assuming you would have a bunch of exams to pass too. Just curious. Mainly because I'm told you can't get an Aerobatic endorsement under Ra-Aus !?
  16. Flew down to Murray Field to do precautionary landings ie low level runway inspection etc and short field landings. Absolutely stunning morning for flying!
  17. I know what you mean, it sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, thanks mate! That's my main problem, having to go to great effort to sync portions of video from one camera to another etc. thanks again!
  18. I can handle $100, it's the big price tags on programs like Vegas I'm not willing to pay!!
  19. Just wondering what programs people are using for video editing? I've recently got a second GoPro and have thus outgrown using windows movie maker (can't overlay 2 videos, kinda clunky for editing two videos of the one event together etc) I'm looking for a free or reasonably priced program that can have multiple videos overlayed, and edited together fairly easily. This is my first flight with the second camera, using Windows movie maker though. Kinda awkward to use with the two angles :)
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