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  1. Yeah rough guesses is what I'm looking for. I'm constantly trying to organise my next lesson around work, weather and the planes schedule, just want to be able to get a rough idea. I've been getting it pretty close lately thanks to a few of your recommendations, cheers!
  2. Thanks, feel like I shoulda found that myself haha
  3. well a few questions... What weather site does everyone prefer/use? Is there a way to get a rough idea of what the cloud bases will be a few days ahead? I know you can estimate cloud bases if you have the dew point... Just not sure how to get an idea of what that will be in a few days time?
  4. maps, e6b, elt, water, pens,handheld radio etc Hey do you realise you are member #7600? Haha you shoulda packed that spare radio ;)
  5. Seems to be the general consensus. I'll fumble my way through it. Hopefully they'll make changes for the better in the future
  6. Just wondering what items (other than the obvious) are essential to YOUR flight bag? I'll kick it off with a leatherman or good multi tool.
  7. Yeah it was a bit like that with my pre solo exam, I guess they don't want it to be too obvious and want you to think about it a bit
  8. Has anyone done the RA-Aus BAK exam recently? Any pointers or insights at all would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Haha yeah I wasn't sure the proper name for what I meant. They're called plain flaps
  10. Yeah you'd have to wait for there to be almost no wind before you could put the fire out lol I can't imagine it could handle much chop
  11. The sportstar pitches down when you put in flaps. I think it's because it has split flaps rather than normal flaps?
  12. That's the oil temp, it took a while to come up. These engines are renowned for it, apparently 50 degrees or above is acceptable. I do my downwind checks, just not out loud... Not much of a "talking to myself" kinda guy hahaha. I've put up another video but it's just more solo circuits. I had a second camera looking out over the wing but it stuffed up after about 2 seconds hahaha at least I got some engine noise from it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCn0L2sTPkc
  13. Yeah I think I was leaning forward as I was watching your airspeed drop haha it's all a learning experience right :) I used to live near Wollongong for a while when I was a kid, shame I never got to fly there, the scenery in your pattern looks great
  14. I'll give it a go next flight, thanks!
  15. Definately less nervous. I went for a 3rd solo the other day and it felt more like I was going out to work on my landings and the whole being alone thing wasn't really a factor
  16. Yeah the sportstar POH recommends basically a soft field type takeoff, lifting the nose wheel as soon as possible then holding the nose high attitude till the plane wants to fly. My instructor is constantly telling me to hold the nose off for longer on the landing roll, I'm getting better at it :)
  17. That sucks mate, I'm sure you'll be back up to speed in no time! I've got in another solo flight since, which I put on my you tube channel but kinda boring I guess, just more of the same haha I'm getting close to an area solo which I'm really looking forward to!!
  18. Yeah I'm still struggling with it! I find that I put in a big too much right rudder and then instead of letting off the pressure the tiniest bit when I'm going right, I let it off too much. Then I get an oscillation going where I'm going left right left right haha I'm working on it
  19. Yeah 90 to 100 knots in cruise. The nose wheel is really sensitive at high speeds on the ground I've noticed (compared to the warrior I flew before)
  20. No worries, I thought I should put a video up with all the ATC loud and clear after a few guys mentioned the music was distracting in my first solo video haha
  21. A video of my second solo, about a week after I first soloed. Fairly busy traffic so I kept the background music to a minimum for anyone that wants to listen to the radio work ;)
  22. Assuming you are departing in the general direction of the downwind leg, you could extend crosswind and climb above circuit height plus 500, but then someone could be a bit higher than circuit height plus 500 at that pointing still descending... Basically however you depart you just need to keep an ear and an eye out for any other traffic, right? From my limited experience G class operations are pretty dynamic and you need to adjust what you do for the situation.
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