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  1. Yeah I was expecting it to be quiet at Murray Field considering it was right in the middle of the grand final... nope!!
  2. My first solo Nav flight, Jandakot to Boddington, Collie, Bunbury, Murray Field then back to Jandakot. Not the best crosswind landings ever but I didn't break anything ;)
  3. I guess what I'm asking is would you try to avoid flying over the town, or just join how you see fit for for the situation. It kind of seems pointless to have noise abatement rules if everyone is still decending on the north side to join the circuit. I guess it's more for aircraft doing pattern work, to avoid repetitively overflying the town
  4. Say a non towered field has a runway 04/22 with a noise abatement restriction for right circuits only on 04 and left circuits only on 22 ie all curcuits to the south of the field due to a town to the north.. Would you avoid descending on the dead side for a midfield crosswind join for the same reason? Because you would be flying pattern altitude over the town.. What's everyone's opinion? Join on the 45 or long downwind etc?
  5. 20 hours is bare legal minimum, then with the cross country endorsement, which is another 10 hours (but probably will be more) you're still doing at absolute minimum 30 hours for an ra-Aus licence. With a lot less benefits compared to ppl. So don't feel too ripped off! There is the benefit of most ra-Aus planes being considerably cheaper to hire!
  6. Yep that's poor old 8397, the plane I did most of my training in :( I think by dumped he means dropped... as in stalled.. haha I'd hate to see the fine for leaving a plane wreck in Bunbury, after seeing how much they charge just for parking lol
  7. That was my initial thought too, but no. It was originally based at Jandakot and just needed to be ferried back
  8. Thanks mate, it was a quick edit haha. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, great learning experience for a low hour pilot!
  9. Definitely wasn't a walk in the park (I'm a low hour pilot too, guy I flew with has a CPL) I learned a hell of a lot in those 3 days!
  10. We were planning on staying at Forrest but unfortunately had to press on to Kalgoorlie that day to avoid getting stuck for 4 days (strong headwinds, no fuel stops and a slow plane... )
  11. I haven't edited the stuff from the other 2 days, I'll post here once they're done
  12. We recently flew a Sportstar over to Jandakot from Moorabbin, we did it over 3 days... first day was YMMB YMIA YPAG. Here's a short video of day one...
  13. They're saying that if they just acknowledge you, you're pretty much cleared for the approach as expected/standard, but they generally give an instruction, like report at a certain point, or maintain an altitude, as far as I know. At Jandakot they will always reply "your call sign, maintain 1500" so then you are cleared into the airspace but must maintain 1500, until they give you joining instructions and say cleared visual approach. And you need to report at whichever visual reporting point is standard for that approach as shown on your charts. Then you can descend to pattern altitude and joi
  14. Yeah but he said to keep one hand on the throttle and one on the brake.. and one on the stick? You Jab Pilots sure need a lot of hands :p I'm guessing that's why the stick/yoke is shaped the way it is, so you can rest your arm in there and control the ailerons kinda while you are braking. It still seems a bit clunky to me! Is there a reason they don't have toe brakes?
  15. How do you keep ailerons into the wind? This is why I find the concept of the jab a bit clunky. Not that I've ever flown one
  16. I think the post you're referring to wasn't saying we shouldn't have hard copies of checklist, more that we should have flow checks (especially at critical stages of flight/emergencies) that are memorised, and then checklists are used to confirm. Rather than having your head down for a few minutes reading a checklist item by item and not keeping your eyes out and flying the plane. I don't think any sane person would say just memorise al checklists and don't bother carrying a paper copy.
  17. Yeah I used it, they have a free one month trial. It's pretty good but your phone or iPads gps isn't ideal and you will have erratic parts of your track every now and then, but even then still worth while and a valuable debrief tool. Ideally you would get an external gps like a bad elf and then it would be perfect. Give the free trial a go!
  18. I use an art liner pen, nice small clear dot and rubs off fine
  19. Yeah that's the manual that I have. I was looking for a more detailed tutorial with examples. There are several different sites but they mostly just have a copy of this same manual from the 50's. I've just been reading about how to use other computers and working out how to do it with this one so far, I'm getting the hang of it.
  20. Anybody know if any good online tutorials for the Jeppesen CR-2 whizz wheel? I have the manual but it is surprisingly vague. And most you tube tutorials etc are for other models of flight computer.
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