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  1. Thanks for the wise words Boleropilot. Jabiru7252 if you fly over here from SA I will buy you a beer :p
  2. Yeah I made the music a bit too loud Bob, although it was very quiet on the radio for Jandakot
  3. Yeah it's got great visibility, gets bloody hot when the suns out tho haha Loved your last podcast by the way!
  4. At our airport it is a requirement. Also a medical is required even though I'm under ra aus, it's a requirement in our airspace
  5. So I did fine in my exam, Narrambeen ricks information was bang on and covered everything nicely. Didn't realise I needed to do a radio exam as well before I could solo haha but I did fine in that too. Cheers for the help!
  6. Just an older GoPro hero2 with a cord that goes between my headset jack and the camera, it just has a splitter. You can get them on most aviation gear websites
  7. Got my first solo done! Such an awesome feeling :D Was in an Evektor Sportstar at Jandakot airport, had been postponed due to weather and almost looking like canceling again until there was a gap in the clouds just at the right moment, like it was meant to be!
  8. Just did my first solo today!! Wasn't all that nervous, although in retrospect (watching the video back) my radio calls were sloppier than normal so I guess I WAS nervous! The wind decided to start gusting pretty good the moment my instructor got out haha but all went well. Actually found myself looking around taking in the scenery for the first time since I started my training. Very cool moment and definitely one I'll never forget :)
  9. Cheers Rick! My solo got postponed due to crosswind, hoping to get it done tomorrow. Feeling pretty comfortable with the written part, now I need to put the thing back on the ground haha cheers again
  10. Awesome thanks everyone, hopefully my next post will be about me surviving my first solo ;)
  11. Sorry yeah I should have mentioned, I'm doing Ra-Aus
  12. I have my pre solo test coming up, any recommendations on what to study up on?
  13. I probably wouldn't want to take anyone up until I have more experience anyway, I was just wondering cos some videos I've watched seem like guys are taking pax up when they're still restricted to the training area. I guess that would just be because they haven't done a Nav endo yet
  14. I was wondering what was involved in getting some of the Ra-Aus endorsements, like passenger and nav, i.e. How many hours and what is involved in the test? Also, is the passenger endorsement something that needs to be done after you get your certificate or can a student be endorsed to take a passenger up in the training area?
  15. Fair enough, thanks for the reply :)
  16. I was just wondering if anyone knows the reason why most controllers in Australia pronounce the word decimal "day-sim-al" There must be a good reason! Although I still don't know why we don't just say point like the Americans do.. Decimal is adding unnecessary time to each transmission in my opinion
  17. Unfortunately I'd be a weekend warrior due to work. Ugh unless I can guess those 6 numbers...
  18. To throw a spanner in the works, the only place near me that does training in the cheaper light sport planes is out of Jandakot which is a quite busy controlled airport.. The uncontrolled strip I could train at is Murray Field, but I would need to fly a 152. Unless any Perth people can enlighten me on somewhere else I can go for light sport?
  19. Yeah that's one of my concerns. I am exactly the same distance from a controlled and a non controlled airport, and am leaning towards the controlled for just that reason, I don't want to be one of those guys that steer clear of controlled airspace because they're not confident on the radio. Although it will no doubt cost more, I think the experience will be invaluable.
  20. Even though it's something we should defiantly avoid and stop from happening long before it goes that far, I still think every pilot should do some spin recovery training. I did some spin recovery in my very few hours of flight training so far, and apart from being a good learning experience, it's damn fun!! Side note: Rec flyer are you Adam from the podcast or just a fan?
  21. Oh and to answer my own question, I just read that you can carry more than one passenger on an RPL as long as you have a class 1 or 2 medical (which I already have)
  22. I started doing my PPL in Kalgoorlie and was paying $280 an hour. Then my son came into existence and I had to save my money haha
  23. Thanks for the replies, sorry if I'm reposting an old topic! I'll dig around and have a read. It looks to me like RPL plus 5 hours of Nav training and a controlled airspace (since I will be flying out of Jandakot airport) is the way to go for me. I thought that you could only carry one passenger on an RPL, or is that just an airplane specific thing I'm muddling up, since a lot of people flying on RPLs are flying light sport planes? Also, I ended up emailing a flight school that specialises in light sport, and they told me that my 6 hours PPL training wouldn't count towards my 20 hours fo
  24. Hey all, first time poster. I just wanted to start up a conversation about the pros and cons of the new RPL (not RA-aus) versus the PPL. I am thinking of doing the RPL mainly because of cost, but if I'm also going to do cross country, radio, and Passenger endorsements, is it creeping towards being the same cost as a PPL? I would ask at a flight school but feel like I might get a slightly biased opinion haha. I have no interest in flying anything over 1500kg so the RPL suits me in that respect. I have done about 6 hours towards my PPL already too, which wouldn't count towards the
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