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  1. Anythns possable Nobody, but it beet walkn the 60 odd Ks home.
  2. The only thing thats bothered me as I get older is loosen control while up there through sum sort of incapacitation. It happened a coupla days ago. Was fat n happy, just cruisen, wen for no reason at all, POP, my back. Iv had issues lately with the spine, but never thought sumthn as relaxing as flying would pop me back out. One of the ribs that hinges to the spine between the blades decided I was too comfortable just sittn there. Was only bout 20 mins from where I was headed so I just humped it. Couldn't turn me head, could only breath shallow, and found out wen I attempted t
  3. Conditions and material quality determine how long it will survive. Few years ago i was camped at an old bore hole here in the desert and noticed a bit of 3/4" mild steal ungalvinised pipe stickn out of the sand. Wen i tryed to pick it up i realised it was part of a full sling of pipe, black wire tyes still holdn it in sling, in perfect condition. Figured the old man left it there 40 odd years before. They dont make mild steal like that now. This new 'duragal' crap they sell now is rusted through in one year sitn on top of the ground. Found jam tins with 1946 dates, baccy tins a
  4. Oil temp is the nly one you need to regulate. The coolant is only cooling the heads, and the cooler the heads, the more power/efficiancy gained. Iv spent days on end with the coolant never geting over 40c, but i mask the oil cooler to keep the oil temp up. If coolant temp needed to be regulated, rotax would have intergrated a thermostat. Run a few 9xx rotaxs out, never had any problems.
  5. I like the way he,d abandon an attempt, pop up enough to get a look over the cab at the next wave, then time his next attempt. The pad should be out frunt so he can predict the decks movements easier, with less wake turb off the boats cab. I could be rong, afterall, i live ina desert so water/carrier landings are not my thing.
  6. Drip trays double as heat shields. Wen it gets over 40c, fuel will boil in the bowl from the radient heat off the headers.
  7. Usualy, wen a vdo goes off the dial, the sender wire has parted company sumwhere. ( and no, i cant blame me ipad, i just cant spell propper. ;) )
  8. Oxymoron, definition; compolsery voteing. Compolsery voteing is just an eago booster for pollys. Definatly not democratic.
  9. Yep, if your lookn at it, chances are, youll hit it. Look where you want to go, not at wot you want to miss. Had a close call years ago, before my flying days. Was compeating in the Fink desert race. Bout 1/2 way down the track there is an old rail sideing, and the only thing still there is the water tank and stand, a very hard steal frame, on the outside of a high speed corner. Theres a million things to run into along that track, but that tank stand looked like it would hurt the most. I smoked past it at 160-170kmh, aiming the bike to use all the track and just miss the sta
  10. Jonsey still go,n? Bloodyell, i just did a quick math, 24 years ago, im old now. :(
  11. The reason i got it was coz i cant see through dust of its go,n flat, and usualy cant feel it either. So if it dont register a sudden loss, like a blow out, or a slow leak, wots the good of it? $700 a tyre you have to stop well before its flat, coz these modern crap tyres will shred in 20'. Not sure how much range it was sposed to have ( how many trailers you could hitch up), but im pretty sure it aint 50 miles. Thats alota trailers.
  12. Dont use a 'tyre dog'. Had one setup on a small truck, all seemed good, till i unhooked the trailer, and 50 miles down the road, the dog was telln me all was still good, with the trailer 50 miles away. :(
  13. Thats odd?!?! I was sure id get at least abit of flak from my post. Not even a slap on the wrist. Maybe you mob are more thoughtfull and understanding on this forum, unlike a few other forums. Or you all just think, " wots the point, this blokes way beyond help." :)
  14. Oh, nature definatly inventd a million types of wings, but not a single axle. Thats wot seperates us from the rest. ;) And im not sure id like a ride ona seed.
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