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  1. White Gum Aviation is open and meeting all the necessary restrictions.
  2. Correction to above. Gordon Marshall, marketing and distributor passed away. Gary, the inventor of the wireless technology and EQ1 Product is contactable on [email protected] Cheers. Andrew.
  3. Not to forget the wheatbelt, Avon valley and White Gum Farm, White Gum Air Park, and the Boeing 737 project... www.whitegumfarm.com.au
  4. Ben, Did you get my reply e-mail? Andrew Cotterell www.737-200.com.au
  5. G'Day Martin. Hope to see you out at White Gum Air Park one day? Andrew...
  6. Jandakot happened by air. York is happening by road. See www.737-200.com.au
  7. Hi Lain, Check us out at www.ywgm.com.au. When you get here we can have a chat some more... Cheers.
  8. Correct Groundhog. The third (or first) aircraft was flown to Jandakot by nobody. it is used by Polytechnic West (TAFE).
  9. Fantastic Ian, Thank you very much.
  10. Appreciated Ian, A couple of graphics to choose from. Thank you.
  11. We have begun a journey to save 2 ex OzJet 737-200 aircraft abandoned at Perth Airport. We intend to dismantle and transport them by road to York,WA. approximately 100 km's east. Please see www.737-200.com.au Appreciate any assistance, advice or help spreading the word. Please delete or move if this is considered inappropriate for this forum.
  12. Back to support for existing airfields... Of the few places we can go in WA some of them have banned Trikes and Gyro's further decreasing the options to land. Have a look at Northam YNTM a public airfield. Come on RA-Aus show some support.
  13. We need more ALA's. Not sure if RA-Aus should be buying them but, they certainly should be supporting those of us that try and offer one to all pilots.
  14. Please remember us guys in the West. We have are created a privately funded ALA in are now building an Air Park. Our first hangar accommodation unit has passed through the shire and is about to begin construction. The next 6 are being submitted for planning and building approval. Watch this space...
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