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  1. I was under the impression that any aircraft being hired would also need to be on a maintenance program such as would apply to a flying school and be a 23/24 registered aircraft. Also bearing in mind insurance issues.
  2. Great post. Interesting to note the factory was dedicated six months before Pearl Harbor. So someone in the administration was thinking ahead.
  3. There is one at Lethbridge Vic. That big radial is a sight (and sound) to behold.
  4. My local school is ~ $240.00 per hour (J160) dual and this includes the basic pre flight briefing. Time to a cert is realistically 35- 45 hrs.
  5. There is also a J430 for sale with the R914 turbo engine and in flight ajustable prop. The owner did some rerouting of the fuel system (the Rotax engine has a fuel return system) and it apparently performs very well. Also there needed to be a few Kg's added to the tail and apparently it flies well and is under experimental category.
  6. Nobody likes an unsolved mystery. Particularly in aviation. Here is an engineering presentation from an Engineering group that makes very interesting viewing (if you can get past the accents and acronyms). Best thing I have seen for a while and represents some very competent work
  7. Re the opening comment from Neel on this link, https://www.smartcompany.com.au/entrepreneurs/influencers-profiles/soar-aviation-neel-khokhani-flight-school/ Yes he was fired, but not for telling the owner in question how to run his business. As he was dismissed he accused the owner of being a racist. The owner answered "I wasn't a racist but I am now". This operation had "shonk" written all over it. The industry has enough challenges without get rich quick parasites fleecing it of resources.
  8. This is a pump up and sell exercise. Everything at Soar is working from the lowest denominator of cost and is a business model we have seen in other industries that delivers for the owner, and not the students. I have been waiting for the homing pigeons to return for this enterprise for a while. Frankly, it's overdue. Lots of empathy for the students and no sympathy for the owner. This industry has enough to deal with without this kind of operation "asset stripping" the training industry.
  9. Yes it seems happiest at around 75 Kn. An ideal hour builder as it takes hours to get anywhere. However the cost per hour is cheap and I think there are a few flying schools still running them. It took 8 hours flying time into a 20 kn headwind to get it from Moruya to Melb. Following the road, I was impressed when I raced past a truck. Only to realise he was changing a Tyre. (A little exaggerated but not far off).
  10. Thanks Guys for the info. I will remove the leg and have a look.
  11. And last question, ('till next time), can anyone suggest where a person could buy the rubber donuts that go in the nose wheel strut?
  12. What I am looking for are the rubber donuts that go in the front nose gear strut that dampen the landing shock. Basically just rubber washers.
  13. Thanks and I called but they didn't seem to know. I'm guessing it is a part that may be on other aircraft so any suggestions would be welcome
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