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  1. Fascinating stuff Phil. Brings back memories of my old employer, British Eagle (RIP), which, as Eagle Airways, was one of the many airlines which took part in this massive operation. Just a little before my time though!
  2. There's also another good read by Wing Commander Ira "Taffy" Jones - the best-selling "Tiger Squadron - The Story of 74 Squadron RAF in Two World Wars". Long out of print now, but used paperback and hardcover copies occasionally pop up on eBay, Amazon, Abe Books and other sites. The book was actually ghost-written by my late father, John Oram (Jack) Thomas, and while they were working together Jones was a frequent visitor to our house. I was about 12 at the time and he became something of an adopted favourite uncle to me. Sadly, like "Aircraftman Shaw" (T. E Lawrence), having survived more sc
  3. Sadly, onetrack, it's worse than that. Proof-reading in most printed and online "journalism" is no longer bothered with. Sub-editors were among the first casualties of cost-cutting by national and local newspapers and journalists are now required to sub their own copy, a task for which far too many are totally ill-equipped, having little, if any, detailed knowledge of spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax (not that such ancient arts seem to matter much to many in today's media). Anyone seen an ad for a Sub-editor lately? FULL DISCLOSURE: In an earlier life I was a print journalist and a
  4. Later Gold Coast Bulletin report contains interview with pilot, Mark Waterford, and cites aircraft as Drifter 415. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=11&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjrgMKdvp_YAhVJybwKHa98AKIQFghOMAo&url=http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/an-ultralight-aircraft-has-made-and-emergency-landing-on-a-surfers-paradise-beach/news-story/b38fa2ce87247d1074eeed65e78de36a&usg=AOvVaw1NAr9p4Rc82YemPR7Vx_Tk
  5. Powered glider makes emergency landing on Gold Coast beach Thankfully, no injuries and no damage!
  6. Wow! Another former Eagle bod - like me! We've been in contact before in connection with the archives. Always look back on that period of my life with great affection - best job I ever had (publicity and PR). Those were good times, such a shame they ended the way they did. - Mike
  7. Maybe slightly off-topic, but does anyone else of "a certain age", and probably British descent, remember a 1933 aviation adventure serial, "The Mystery Squadron" shown on the fledgling BBC television service in the 1950's? US-made and obviously dated even by the time it made it to the British 9-inch black and white screens, I fondly remember sitting with my dad as we watched the full 12 weekly episodes together. Apart from the incredible actual and studio-recreated biplane aerial sequences, I'll never forget the thrill of hearing the villain's radio call - "Black Ace calling station A". Seems
  8. Thanks a lot BP, will take you up on that. - Mike
  9. Thanks for that info bp. I'd love to play with a good sim, but cost being an important factor for me (like most aspiring flyers I'm sure), I've decided that rather than blow $$$ on a more powerful pc I'll keep spending it in hands-on training - at least until I get the hang of getting the flare right so I can finally move on to solo! - Mike
  10. Impressive! Fully expected the canopy to open after landing and the pilot to step out!
  11. Out of interest - anyone know if this is for real or photoshopped?
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