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  1. OME, some of the responders to your post consider the idea a little old fashioned, but we must all please have a little respect : 1903 Wright Engine .... yes they used it.
  2. Oscar, fully agree. Where superlatives abound amidst a "sales pitch" beware ! I saw or do not remember any mention of lubrication. The pistons themselves are not subject to side loading which is good. That is absorbed by the cylinder sleeves. Methinks the Free Piston technology as posted by Arron 25 in Post #3 this thread has much more potential. Reciprocal motion of the pistons is directly converted to electrical energy. Electrical feed back would be available to aid in actual piston positioning when and as necessary, such as when starting or modifying the piston motion to increa
  3. Ian, From a little boy who saw a Tiger Moth (I have later guessed) fly over our pine tree in Tassie and has since been mad about engines and airplanes I wish you all the best in your endeavours. If you can maintain a similar structure to the existing forum then that would be wonderful. Please do not consider, in your words, a " non-forum type resource like Facebook ". This would, as far I have seen, enable complete domination and takeover by "facebook" or similar avenue. Even though I do not fly, and haven't since 30 Years ago (Yes, it is 30 !) flying a "Paraplane" in New Jersey, US
  4. Jerry, You say: "when they scrapped the IPEC Argosies that were based at Essendon (from memory), I was devastated)" A younger George used to wonder at those same IPEC Argosies when at Launceston Airport (or was it called an "Aerodrome" then). And now such are relegated to memories, or such as they may still be. Georgy Peorgy.
  5. Gotta have faith in that airplane after seeing this. That airplane did what that rudder was telling it to do. Also look at that tailplane.
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