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  1. I don't know the rates at this school, but around me the schools are defo making quite a bit more on lessons than they are from hiring, especially when it comes to taking the plane, laying over and returning. so the hiring side of things is just additional revenue options for when all the planes are on the ground. I actually got quite confused by the full story... so he built up 100 hours at school A, endorsements and what not, then went to school B and they said no? To be honest it is the height of the 'back to the sky' season - lots of schools around here are chockers right now, they m
  2. Just about the only thing I miss about tiny British gardens - all your neighbours having an electric lawnmower lol! Glad to hear I'm not the only one baffled by leaf blowers though!
  3. I agree ballpark $30 is very reasonable - I pay about 4-5x that to go to other industry conventions where an awful lot more booths are paying to sell me stuff lol.
  4. Yep, a lot of them where we live. Now spring's here, the schools out of Moorabbin are pretty busy, so fairly regular planes over head through the day, and a few night training flights in the evening. A neighbour caught me watching one the other day - cloud was low, so the plane was low enough to identify- and that triggered him on a 20 minute rant about rich guys flying noisy planes over his house (by which he means mostly about a mile away and just loud enough that you can just about hear them outside your house, unlike his 9am on a Sunday morning lawnmower/leaf blower/chainsaw). Having that
  5. Lol outrage. Personally I just fun looking into it, & op corrected them on the length from the start.
  6. ... yep! I didn't want to go to the sun, but they listed it as 22'2" long, so news.com.au just copied that and converted it to meters rather than pop on over to Wikipedia lol. Not sure where the Sun copied it from, but they got all their photos and bulk of it from Reuters... though the Reuters article doesn't list length. Maybe the sun just googled the wrong plane? Though tats a foot shorter than a pA28 Lol. I like to think they put in G7000 to google, google said did you mean G1000, aand just went with the first plane that came up
  7. Knowing modern journalism it was probable copied whole sale from someone else's mistake lol. It's kind of like the old pirate radio stations that used to have their news and weather 10 minutes after the official stations
  8. Congrats and good luck on the CPL! What's the plan for your commercial? I know some people do it for the next rating, but if you are looking for work, probably best to look at the hours going forward as resume building. I hear some employers might not count any time on jabiru's/foxbats as they don't use them - say meat bomber command or air taxi, but then as more and more schools start to use LSA's to lower costs, some schools looking for instructors might rate your jab time more highly than the 152 they retired.... Probs best to ask some advice in a chosen field if you have a plan imho.
  9. Yep it's down Just checked downforeveryoneorjustme from my phone: It says they're hosted by rackspace, so I really wouldn't have expected any hosting problems, unless it's reseller hosting?
  10. That's fair enough! Yeah for me it would be a no brainer as around here it's 50-100 bucks difference, so I wouldn't have to do many RA flights a year to be saving money, but if the margins are that small, and no options near by ... I'd probably let it lapse and reactivate when you do want it tbh - their membership fee is one of those numbers that's small when your flying, pretty huge when you're not. If you can that is; their website seems to be down for me right now lol.
  11. I heard another podcast with one of the owners of TVSA not too long ago I think, and the Bristell sounded like they were pretty much brand new at the time, maybe they're building in the pay-off cost? I notice their website price sheet hasn't been updated to include the Bristell, though a C152 is only $199, and they burn what, about 10L more an hour? Or maybe the Bristell's are just more in demand with lessons? $140 is still a doable price in the east melbourne area - it's just availability unfortunately. I know lilydale for example charge about $140 solo for their Jab, and I think Coldstream h
  12. Can't even imagine trying to land a two story plane with a fin that big in a crosswind! I'm defo qualified to pass judgement on the flight crew, but man I just enjoy watching those massive wings flex. Every time I fly back to the UK the long leg is on a 380, and I'm always amazed just how much those wings rise up as you pound down the tarmac!
  13. I broadly agree, but I think this was loss driven. They lost over £200m in 2016, £100m this year and were projecting over £100m losses again next year. Granted they employed about 2000 people, but those numbers aren't sustainable. They briefly made a slight profit in 2015 after years of losses due to fuel price mostly, but really it's not reasonable to expect the state to fund every failing business. Fortunately for the workers, there does seem to be some demand for them from other airlines. It's a sad thing, but what can you do? If a company is loosing a hundred mil every year whilst the
  14. Nice one, best of luck! Did you decide to go with Lilydale in the end?
  15. Thanks for the info! My wife works for council, so I can't say I'm at all surprised about the environmental requirement. Maybe we'll just have to fly these: New electric aircraft promises ‘disruptive affordability’
  16. Welcome! I've just gone through a similar process. I'm not entirely new to flying, but all my experience is in the UK, and I stupidly never finished up and got my PPL before I left. I too looked into SOAR and a few others. One big thing I learnt from visiting the schools around Melbourne is don't go by the websites lol. Flight instructors may often have a background in IT, but few schools are big enough to have a full time website guy lol. If you can get out of the city, it's worth it. Cheaper lessons as you don't have moorabbin's landing fees, and at Bacchus marsh(school's called TVSA)/lil
  17. ^ wow I went from agnostic to oppinionated just reading the answers lol! Thanks again though all, I definitely have a deeper understanding of the issues behind all this now :)
  18. Oh wow, thanks all; I was half expecting to be told to go re-read the old threads again lol - really, thanks for taking the time to explore more of the depth of the issue! It's definitely helped, especially understanding the difference in motivation between 750kg and 1500kg. Personal oppionion: to be honest I come to this not having grown up with anything like the RAA, so I personally still see just being able to fly something like a jab or a sac or a fox or whatever without a medical and all the civili regulator restrictions quite a privilege. I'm not sure about the 1500kg mtow thoug
  19. I'm pretty new to the debate and keep reading the threads, but hit a wall when trying to work out exactly why this is so in demand? Is it just so people can keep flying their Cessna, Piper, Beech, etc on RAAus certs if they don't pass a casa medical? Sorry I know it's been done to death, and I keep reading the same arguments in the different threads, but never seem to hit on exactly why it's so important to people to have it, just allusions to the medical. Sorry if it stirs the pot - genuine question!
  20. I don't need a weight increase... but IFR endorsement you say ...
  21. Just trying to work out just how many oh **** moments there were in that one gives me a headache lol!
  22. It's definitely an interesting topic, and I really don't agree with the 'or you shouldn't be flying' assertion. I don't know, I haven't done it in nearly 20 years so I can't trust my memory, but I expect to be doing it again soon enough! I don't know, there's certainly a risk involved with spin training of course, but I still lean towards a necessary evil I think. That said in this day and age I think it's reasonable for 90% of your spin training to be in a simulator. I know we're not there yet in Australia with sin training compared to the US, but it's defo the future even for RA-Aus
  23. I really don't think that's what's happening - they were looking to sell/merge/be saved prior to realising that they were essentially out of options. And yes, just like before, the lower dollar helps Qantas, but so did the three year turnaround plan they formulated to cut costs and become more efficient, as well as the sharp rise in domestic passengers. It all comes back to my last point - yes currency values affect companies, and they will certainly make a stink about it hoping to get a government to act as it's out of their control, but if your company isn't on the rocks you should be able t
  24. Oh of course, just like all businesses look to reduce costs. However let's not forget why Qantas had to ask to be allowed to move when any other business could just move - not only are they subsidised by tax payers, but they also wanted to be debt-guarenteed by them too. People get annoyed if you use tax payers money to move over seas and keep your hand in the cookie jar lol. Don't get me wrong, I support subsidising Qantas - we're a nation dependant on air travel and I think on the whole tax payers benefit from the cost personally. But yeah, move over seas taking Aussie jobs? That's a bit ric
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