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Accident near Narrabri NSW

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From ABC News




A search is underway for a light plane, believed to be carrying three people, that sent out a mayday call in north-west New South Wales this afternoon.


The pilot reported engine failure near Narrabri shortly after 4:00pm and was preparing for a forced landing.


A rescue helicopter is involved in the search for the plane.






Emergency services have been called out to the Newell Highway south of Narrabri where a light plane was forced to make an emergency landing late this afternoon.


The pilot suffered head injuries, while the passenger has leg injuries.


It’s believed the aircraft’s engine failed.



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A great example of how you can escape even in seemingly impossible conditions the branches on these trees are reasonably substantial) when you land at control speed


It could have been much worse; if the Pilliga Man had got them we'd never know what happened.



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I walked in the Pilliga about 50 years ago and there were straight roads at about 1 mile intervals running at 90deg toeach other. from memory they were just about wide enough for a wingspan, but not smooth.



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