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[Feb 24, 2015] Avalon (Avalon, Vic)


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I will see if I can find that out Harbourtrade. Flyerme your Nieuport has been there before. Nev

Yeh every show for 10 years , won the circa de elegance ( spelling? ) one year .

But being the big ww1 celebration I'm pretty disappointed not to be able to have her there



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Is there much on offer to look at re LSA aircraft/equipment

Have a look through the photos in the link to my Avalon 2013 album as an example. Aside from the military and warbird stuff, there is a lot of LSA hardware, and I can't say I got all of it.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157633874050650/



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Not ruling out flying the lighty over to avalon east. Just yet . Need to find out weight of books for calcs. I think it will be to close with time .. If book is not here by Avalon I will be going anyway - will be there on weekend


Just look for the short, slightly pregnant, balding guy .. lol



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Just been talking to a mate who has been part of the organising for many years. This year should be the best so far. ALL the info should be on the Website. A lot of people fly in from Lethbridge. It might be worthwhile seeing what is happening there. Nev



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