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A very interesting watch FT. Wish they had specified the dating of the report. By the hair styles and the flared trousers I'd guess early/mid 70's?
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That's the Dream machine I had GIVEN to me.


The late 60's, I was an apprentice and had to go to the airfields to chop the wings off, prior to trucking back to the foundry for smelting back into ingots.


the company made 300 pound per ton after tax(net).


My Canadian Super Sabre, was not only fully fueled but also Fully Armed.


The Boss wasn't pleased at all when I wouldn't get out of the cockpit, To start work dismantling Many different types of planes.


They didn't let me take it home after all. And Mum would have had a fit.


So I just collected motor-bikes, All from the army disposals.





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