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  1. A large pilot training industry is yours for the taking if you can get your bureaucrats to help. San Diego airspace is filled with asia students who could learn to fly in Australia if the supporting industry is available. Not a huge business but consistent and required. And you could clear our skys of students controllers can't understand.
  2. I learned in a Cessna 170A. My mates thought I was nuts to learn in a tailwheel aircraft but that's what they did years ago so.... First suggestion to solo by my CFI as he was stepping out of the plane was for me to give it the gas. I wasn't ready that day. A few days later I was and after my second landing to a full stop I was so excited I lost count so I did two more landings disobeying his request for three. I now have about 350 hours of tailwheel time and 10 of nose dragger. So, I need some transition training!
  3. If you build the plane you are the manufacturer (in the US) and thus uniquely qualified to do the maintenance and repair. Of topic, what was the original OP about?
  4. First Flight Corp. - Southern California then stop by EAA Chapter 14 for a Saturday lunch, every Saturday.
  5. With Australia so large and difficult to travel it would seem obvious to some that GA would be encouraged, subsidized and embraced so people can easily move around your great island.
  6. You could contact this school, Home - SAA flight school they train a lot of European and Asia kids in San Diego. The contact Plus One Flyers in San Diego and maybe they can help. First Flight at KSDM also rents planes without requiring the joining of a club. All in SD, CA.
  7. The pilot, Stearman owner, who I assisted with building his N2S-5 is also C-47 rated. He is currently in D-Day Doll flying to Duxford and then Normandy for the drop on D-Day. A few images he has sent over NYC.
  8. Stick and ball has worked for years. Local avionics shop said to but a shark fin for the ADS-B requirement, no reason given other than "they work better". Look at the Hz range for the shark, some are greater than others. Now determine if that is important.
  9. I was taught how to apply aircraft fabric by a fellow who built TBMs on Long Island, NY during the start of the war. He later flew in the South Pacific and visited Sydney and Townsville for leave. He passed recently and he had two pieces of advice that I take to heart: 1) airplanes will kill you if you give them half a chance, 2) cherish every moment. Simple.
  10. I just buzz around the mountains east of San Diego with my buddies for one hour then we return home for some fuel and ice cream. Flight of four, three F-18s and my RV-3.
  11. I think they should send me one and I'll guarantee a satisfactory design that even one will love. It will be great. DT
  12. Last flight was a test run over the Laguna Mountains in Southern CA to test a carb issue. RV-3 with 150hp climbs at 1500'fpm from 6500 to 9500'. What a plane.
  13. Agreed, will appeal to the youngsters who will be dissing us bluehairs in no time.
  14. AC 43.13 from the FAA, use aviation ring terminals, and a computer to generate small wiring labels attached with clear heat shrink.
  15. It is a shame. I was there a year ago looking at the hangar homes and was pleased. But with the landing and movement fee in Australia it looks like I should just stay in California. Oz needs to encourage GA, it is the perfect country for it and there would be plenty of money from fuel taxes, etc. Time for a revolution I'd say.
  16. Since my wife is Australian and I am keen on living there (just need to convince her) I will offer three USS Midway passes if anyone stops by San Diego. Well, actually I will take you on board since I am a volunteer and get to bring three people on board at one time.
  17. @4:14.... is this what started the style police?
  18. You could visit the Harley Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Not far from Oshkosh.
  19. Buy a partial RV kit and save lots of time and money. Do you like to fly or build? Now is the time to decide.
  20. A friend of mine will probably sell his real Ryan based in Southern CA. He is past flying but loves his Ryan. The plane is in great shape but will need an annual. Interested contact me.
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