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I've used this a couple of years ago, but kinda forgot about it. When you click on an aircraft, as well as the flight details, and path trace, it shows a photo or two of the aircraft from a couple of online databases. When I looked at it at 10.45 pm. Sunday, there were 6 aircraft in the vicinity of Melbourne. The third one I clicked on brought up one of my own photos from airport-data.com.


What it doesn't show, from what I can see, is the origin or destination (outbound) of the flight.



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There are several flight tracking apps , that will if you have the time and inclination show more details than ADS-B Exchange . I’ve just checked a PA28 nr Newcastle .ADS-B app didn’t show origin or destination , FR24 showed origin as Bankstown and FlightAware showed origin and destination . I didn’t manage to get a photo on ADS-B app but did on FR24 .



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My friend had his stop working on his ipad after an ozrunways update.


Ozrunways were reluctant to offer any expanation or solution.


They ended up refunding and he purchased the Stratus which he is very happy with.


These devices do not work with the android version yet.... and it's been a long fustrating wait!



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