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Aircraft certified motor vehicle engines. Is there a niche for them

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Have some respect for our gliding friends we all share the same airspace we should all train in gliders first

I was one of them. Learned to fly a glider when powered flight was beyond my financial reach.

Now you can pick up a little aeroplane for a tiny fraction of the price of a sailplane.

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M61 if they can read the sign they are too close.. Nev

Most of them would have to put their reading glasses on first.... :stirrer:

It my end up like that place in the UK that wrote "P1ss off Biggles" on the roof to ward off aircraft, but increased traffic as the went closer to read it.

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I just read the sales blurb for the new BMW R1250 Boxer engine. Apparently variable valve timing has led to an increase in "sovereignty".


So, take a big displacement motorcycle engine that already needed a bunch of electronics to keep the operator safe from themselves and ... and ... add more complexity? Ugh!


My Victory Highball isn't doing much nowadays. 100hp simple v twin tech. 6 speed. Peak power at 4800. Just add a belt driven propeller and fine tune by selecting 4th 5th or 6th ?

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