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internet security


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Ok.............what's the go with "anonymous ISP " ........i'm told it protects my "privacy"


my ISP number is concealed, hence those so inclined cannot trace me/steal identity, etc etc..........googled, and was given a list of providors offering this service. Hearing all the dooms day reports etc, i was concidering action now , rather than reaction after the event, if you get my drift..............buggered if i know.



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You have to remember that for every thing on the Internet there is an equal and opposite force...yes there is software where you can hide your IP address but there is also software to unhide the hidden IP address.


Anyone say for example using a Proxy IP Address on this site whether the IP address is in China or wherever, there is software here that unhides it, flags the post with a red icon and lists the originating Australian IP address, the local exchange used, the id of the computer's CPU, the ISP being used etc.


If you build a brick wall...someone will build a ladder to get over it :big_grin:



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Hi Russ.


I think you're talking about a proxy to hide your IP address, not your ISP.


There's a Wikipedia page here which explains it.


If you are in China complaining about human rights abuses, or a paedophile, or online criminal, you might find them useful to cover your tracks.


About the only use for them I find is when you want to view stuff on a website in another country and it says you can't because you're in Oz.


Read the article and search for "ip proxy" and make up your own mind.







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Just a thought - If you use a proxy there is still the software available to circumvent this and so make it useless. The down side is that you have now identified yourself as wanting to hide, and I believe that you will be flagged by the very people you were trying to hide from. My theory is to keep as low a profile as possible and hope I am lost in the millions of users. Don't draw attention to yourself.


(IMUO) (In My Unqualified Opinion)







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Guest Baphomet

Hey Russ, buy yourself a wi-fi enabled laptop, and drive around the local area until you find an unsecured network. Can't get more anonymous than that. :-)





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tor combined with privoxy is the preferred choice and provide difficult-to-break encryption for your surfing (in-transit). Downsides are its slower than normal surfing.


You need to be aware that whoever owns the tor exit node is able to see your traffic - so using it to log in to a site like Ian's (or your webmail or a porn site - whatever) is a bad idea. Using it to do all of those things is deeply moronic. never use it for anything that will link to anything that personally identifies you, or anything about you (like that you fly gyros in the northern end of australia - how many people do that)?


Pretty much the same thing applies to any anonymising service.


Best bet if you want to be "mostly anonymous". Use the internut as a read-only service. Don't post anything. ever. Don't visit sites that would/could attract attention (porn sites etc). Disable cookies. Disable Javascript. disable java. If feasable use a text-only browser. Do not use facebook or any other social networking site. Don't do anything that would make anybody care enough to look where your traffic might be coming from. Always remeber that other people can see what sites you visit, and unless its encrypted can read everything you read.


*edit* oh yeah - and only view traffic from the site you request - not from any other site.



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Just about the only thing you could do "IF" you were going to do something crooked is to go to an Internet Cafe BUT the problem then is to try and find the hidden cameras as most of them do have them for Police prosecutions...they can get a time and PC it was done from and then watch the video to get your face and eventual identity.


I tested several proxie software applications and an application to expose me using these different hiding apps. There were some good ones and some no so good but eventually I found the best one to expose my identity and it still told me all about me...and that was using the best hiding software app that I could find.


Even using heavy proxies this is the final result that can be seen...note it even shows the exchange (Heidelberg) that I am using to get out, my browser etc and note the Proxy Type as being "Highly Anonymous":




See, no matter what you do you can always be found out...040_nerd.gif.a6a4f823734c8b20ed33654968aaa347.gif





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interesting feedback............yea, hiding in the masses seems to be the go.


( head down .........no waves )


Would love to know just how "unprivate" we will be 10 yrs hence ( chip implants and all that....006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif )



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