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Just checked their FB


The numbers are in and ICON took a record 143 deposits at the 2011 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Show! Our order book is now at position#694, and in the process, we raised over $28,000 for EAA Young Eagles.

Now thats what I call a success story!



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It would be good to see the design freeze and start to deliver. Everytime you read about it they are adding some electronic bling to it.


They too did a good trade in the gootchy store area.



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a couple of things going against the icon.


its going to be heavy, that folding wing mechanism has to weight a fair bit


its going to be draggy, due to the hull shape and buoyancy requirements.


its going to get eaten by sea water, salt water might also kill the resale value.


no one outside the factory has flown it.


its made in america, cessna moved production of the skycatcher to china to keep labour costs under control.



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I always worry about a company taking people's money for a potential product... of course it doesn't mean it won't succeed.... but not all of them did in the past.


Looks like a great idea for an aircraft though...



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Yep, saw it, touched their mock up and got their RC simulator stick in the weeds. ;-) Had to be reset.


My travelling buddy decided to get a Kitfox instead, with the Lycoming IO-233 engine option. 2,400hr TBO, 115hp naturally aspirated, air cooled, USD 10k cheaper than Rotax-914, though a bit heavier.









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