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Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with the AVMAP moving map display ... that they would care to share.


Any comments would be appreciated to assist evaluation of that unit against Garmin's 296.


Regards Geoff



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Guest byteboy

I've yet to purchase either but about to get the AvMap after much


investigation. I really appreciate the bigger screen size. Garmin's are


great and have all the bells and whistles but I want bigger. It seems


to be more intuitive to operate as well.



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It looks like the AVMAP with the terrain awareness might be a good


thing. Below is a post on the RV Builder's Forum ... but it's fair to


say that a few on that forum expressed some issues with aftersales


support and responses to problems by the Italian Factory. Another issue


that was vented on that Forum is that there may have been a tendancy in


the past that when there was aprobelm with the units, AVMAP blamed


C-Map who blamed Jeppesen .. and none took responsibility to sort out


an issue ... but there are also quite a few happy users like the


reasonable comments below.


I hope one of the Aussie users might reply to confirm the accuracy of the data base down here.


Regards Geoff


AvMap is moving ahead with their terrain warnings ....Take a look at http://www.avmap.it/index.php?swt=12&sec=4&ipr=9




I have one of each, so I can at least provide some insight from both.


Yes, the 296 panel page is nice, but overall now that the AvMap has


terrain depiction it is my favorite. The display is much larger, more


detailed, and the terrain is like looking at the MX-20. Instead of


being blocky, it's shaded. .


Now for the negatives of the AvMap. When running that high resolution


terrain, you can only use it with "north up" instead of course up. Not


a big deal for people like me who alway fly with North Up. Also, they


call it "terrain awareness" not avoidance. So, it doesn't give you


specific warnings, but then again, this is a VFR unit, so you're not


"technically" supposed to be relying on it's terrain warnings during


VFR flight.....


Anyway, both are nice units and you'll be happy with either of them. I


like both of mine, I just like the bigger screen of the AvMap a little


better (being a 4 eyed spectacle wearer).





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For us older folks the bigger screen would help. I've had a bit to do with Garmins, 3's, 196 and 296, all are great, the 3's screens getting a bit small these days though. A feature I don't use is the terrain warning on the 296, it's a waste of time. The machines default is to have it active so it's part of the GPS fire up is to turn off the terrain warning.



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  • 1 month later...

It has now been a while since I asked the original question and I wonder if there are any more opinions on these units or whether anyone has started using one over the last couple of months.


I've been speaking with the Distributor today and they are very helpful and knowledgable .... but how do you find the units in every-day use?





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What I have read the Avmap looks good and I think I would prefer the Avmap over the other but I have not used one so I can't be of much help. The only GPS that I have used is the Bendix/King 111C which is more expensive and the only GPS option in the CT





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Guest Guest

Avmap - a very good unit especially with the very large screen size and can be used in portrait or landscape mode. Caution though this unit is BIG and may cause problems if panel space is an issue as I've just fitted another one (6 so far) and there was only1.5smiley35.gif mm left spare on that particular aircraft.


The biggest issue is that if you want to couple it to an autopilot - forget it at this stage as the data stream rate is too slow to be of use as the autopilot will be very SLOW to respond.


Avmap, IMO, are useless when it comes to customer service and they have difficulty in comprehending the questions asked or are in self denial over any problems.


Otherwise the Avmap itself appears to be a good unit.





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Crikey David - where did you get that picture from, or was it dummied up. It is interesting that it shows the autopilot in there as well!!!


I was going to ring Flight Design Aus today to finalise what I want but I was previously told that there wasn't any option to personalise the layout other then all the options they gave you and the Avmap wasn't one of them. So to be LSA registered you had to have factory fitted options otherwise big dramas in getting anything else approved.


Tell me more????




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Im looking for a portable GPS with a budget of about $1000 max


The lowrance 600c looks good but has lots of bad reviews ? G 296 to expensive any sugestions!::confused:



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