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Hi All


On the site we have a Google Map representation of all the different Airstrips along with their details etc.


This can be found by going to "Resources" on the main menu and selecting Airstrips.


The Airstrips list is a separate application that uses very old software which I have embedded into the site and being very old software, it has its limitations and problems.


So I have engaged a developer to redevelop it to bring it in line with the rest of the site and it will cost around $350. So I need to ask you what you want from it, how do you want it improved, what ideas can you come up with that will make it a valuable tool for you to use so I can advise the developer of any enhancements he will need to incorporate into it.


Please, help to make the site even better for you by helping out with your ideas in this...thanks



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This will require input from people that actually use the strips, but photographs of approach, infrastructure, obstacles etc, would be handy, as well as orientations eg. Runways headings/numbers. Not so important for strips listed I ERSA obviously, but handy for those back country strips not listed.



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Is it feasable to include local flyer friendly accomodation for overnighting?

Yes it is, it would be by way of users adding details of establishments into the notes of each strip.

Note, the money has already been paid to the developer who is going to update the software for us and I am just waiting for a notification of a development slot (date) for it



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