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The Camden Haven Flyin Details


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The Recreational Flying Northern Flyin


Friday 22nd June to Sunday 24th June 2007


Phone Ian Baker 0425-702-333


Phone Adam Booker 0438-300-673


Download as a Word Document




Location: Camden Haven


Lat -31.65834950842967 Long 152.7454948425293


31deg 39.9min S 152deg 44.5min E


Physical Address: 4474 Pacific Highway, Rossglen NSW 2439


Phone/fax: 02 6559 4281


Airstrip: 1,000m Grass


Elevation: 7 Feet


Direction: 30 and 12


Windsocks: Two on west side


Fuel: Avgas & Mogas available from drums OR Avgas at Port Macquarie YPMQ






YCMH CTAF: 126.7




Brisbane Centre: 120.55


YPMQ CTAF®: 118.1


YPMQ AWIS: 128.5


Phone: Ian Baker 0425-702-333 – Adam Booker 0438-300-673








Caution of flying competitions in progress if arriving on Saturday afternoon


If the wind is a North Easterly, although unlikely for this time of the year, be cautious of rotors and turbulence from high ground when coming in on 30


Minor undulations on the left side of the strip when coming in on 30


After landing make your way to the parking area close to the threshold of 12






Arrive Friday (or Sat) with a landing fee of $10 which helps subsidise the costs of the airstrip, aircraft parking, camping, porta-loo, showers and equipment hire. CAMPING IS UNDER THE WING unless you organise accommodation at one of the local establishments yourself.


Friday evening will be a barby with sausages, hamburgers, bread & butter and some salads. Cost will be a donation in a hat. Drinks of both alcohol and soft drink will also be available for purchase at normal Aero Club prices.


The evening will be filled up with general chat, meet & greet and possibly a screening of the DVD One Six Right on a couple of little LCD screens.


Saturday morning there will be available again for a donation in a hat, Bacon, Eggs, Juice, Cereal, Tea & Coffee. Unfortunately toast will not be available unless anyone has a portable flame thrower that they can bring along.


Saturday morning will be for local flying of this fantastic scenery. There is also fishing in the river, the odd car available for anyone who wants to go and see the local sights, example for partners etc. Great walking tracks and no doubt Bob Furness will show you through his hangars and his pride and joy - his Hatz bi-plane.


Saturday Lunch will be sandwiches done by order - you place your order in the Rec Flying tent and they will be made up by a local supplier and delivered to the Flyin. Soft drink at normal prices, Tea & Coffee also available for free - in fact Tea & Coffee will be available for free throughout the event.


Saturday afternoon Adam and George from the Hastings District Flying Club will conduct the competitions for those that want to try their hand. The competitions will be:


The Blind Circuit


Pilots will nominate speeds for climb, downwind and final. Before the take off run the judge will cover the instruments with a cloth or something similar (This will be removed on base or at any time the pilot or the judge deems it necessary for safety). Points will be awarded for the following: Climb out control - Climb speed (as nominated) - Crosswind turn commenced at 700' - Levelling off accurately at 1000' - Mid Downwind speed (as nominated)- Mid downwind height (1000') - Pre Landing Check completed - Base Turn completed at 1000'.


The Spot Landing (Glide)


When established on base following the blind circuit, the cloth covering the instruments will be removed and the pilot will then be asked to cut the power at such a position as to make it to the "50 box". This is a test of the pilot’s skill and knowledge of his/her aeroplanes gliding performance. A perfect score will be awarded for a glide approach & landing in the 50 box. Points will be awarded for boxes either side the 50 box. (40, 30, 20). The use of power will disqualify a competitor BUT, SAFETY IS THE FIRST CONCERN SO USE POWER IF IT IS REQUIRED!


Those that don't wish to participate can also watch with interest - it's all about having some fun.


Saturday evening will be dinner at the Hastings District Aero Club clubrooms. Everyone will be taken by coach up to Port Macquarie - some interesting fun in the coach on the way up. The dinner will be 2 courses with the first your choice between Lamb or Pork from the Spit and dessert will be either Pavlova or Trifle. The club bar will be open for refreshments. CASA will be there to provide a discussion/talk on things like "What do you do when you find yourself in IMC" and "Human Factors" - Human Factors will be good seeing we will all have to sit a test on this in the future to keep our Pilot Certificate. Mick Poole from the RAAus office will also be doing a spiel on an interesting topic of his choice. Also, we hope to have an F16 Pilot come and do a talk on what that is like. The cost of the night will be $24 for the Spit Roast meal and $10 for the Coach.


Sunday morning again will be a breakfast for a donation in a hat, Bacon, Eggs, Juice, Cereal, Tea & Coffee.


The rest of Sunday will be your choice - some will be leaving, local flights first, perhaps a trip up to Port Mac for their barby and competitions and some local sight seeing and then back to Camden Haven for the night with a Monday departure - overall though it will be your choice and perhaps there may be some organising on the day if enough want to do a particular thing.


The point of the entire weekend is to get together and have some fun, get to meet other forum members, see their aircraft in an absolutely superb flying surroundings.


VNC Map:












The Recreational Flying Northern Flyin.doc


The Recreational Flying Northern Flyin.doc


The Recreational Flying Northern Flyin.doc

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Fantastic, the Vampire is on the trailer, and ready to go!


I have driven past Camden Haven many times on trips to QLD and my regular holiday spot at Hat Head over the past 20 yrs or so, but just how exactly do you get there by car when on the pacific highway?



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Guest osprey5

Not sure if this is the correct place to put this but ThomasB and I will be staying in a motel at Kew (I think). Are there taxi's or can we get a lift there from someone Friday evening- we'll be landing around 4.30ish if not earlier.





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Guest Fred Bear

Yes, not looking too good at this end either. Seems like rain all the way through again 068_angry.gif.cc43c1d4bb0cee77bfbafb87fd434239.gif Bring it on for the rural areas but in Sydney it's just getting annoying.



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wernt we suppost to be in a drought?? though looking at the weather chart, it might pass quite quickly, and a nice big sunny calm High will sit over NSW for the weekend...


even looking at the weather radar, there isnt much rain past the central coast up north!



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"And as luck would have it, the forecast for Canberra for the weekend is fine and sunny both days...wouldn't you know it.




Sounds like you guys are trying to tell me to go fly my trike around Goulburn instead of driving to Camden Haven for the fly in.



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Guest osprey5

Hi Ian - I just gave them a call and all cabins are taken so we'll stick with the hotel in Kew.


If the weather doesn't improve or looks marginal - do you call off the meet or are people still flying/driving in?


ThomasB and I are coming from Warnervale on Fri evening unless weather prevents it otherwise I guess we'd have another go Sat. as its only 1.5hrs away.





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The cabins are taken because I booked them both for the flyin - there is still one available.


If the weather is not good, I am constantly monitoring it, the flyin will still go ahead for those that can make it unless offcourse the weather at Camden Haven itself is absolutely not possible for it to go ahead. There are 25 people from the Hastings District Flying Club who have booked in for the dinner and I have booked the caterers for 60 people.


I can only go by the poll that I setup in this forum asking for an indicative number of people. Assuming some didn't vote in the poll and assuming some won't make it I am guessing it will balance out.


Offcourse we will have a big problem if we get more people then thought and if we get less then it will just be a bigger financial cost to Recreational Flying.


All I can ask is that as this is my first flyin that I have planned and being a first one without any history to go on as well - be kind to me please :big_grin: because at the moment I am really XXXXXXX bricks that it all goes off ok.


The worst thing for me is that it's our very first flyin and I have to drive there instead of flying 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif



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Guest floatHigh

Hope the weather holds for you all.


I can't make it because my live-in theory course starts just a few days after this flyin weekend (in the Swan-Hill/Kerang area).


Have a good beer (or whatever) once your'e down safe & sound. keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif



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Hi guys,


I'm presently sitting out the wind at Port. Had intended heading up to Maroochydore for a few days then back the Camden Haven for lunch Sat. FYI the weather for the Port and Camden Haven area looks pretty good for the weekend.


CU there,





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Guest Fred Bear

Yes it's looking good Paul and I am looking forward to it. Dep The Oaks with Slarty about 10am tomorrow.



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Guest Fred Bear

Changed yet again due various reasons. I cannot make it. Ian, hope this does not throw any sort of figures out for you. Hopefully there are not too many other cancellations. I would have loved to have come along but it will now be impossible. Wishing all of you a very safe flight up and back and a most enjoyable time! (I am sure you all will). Please please take stacks of pics for us that did not go to see!:)



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