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It is with sadness


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It is with sadness that I advise that George Brown (browng of the forums) was killed in the accident at Bindoon WA on 21st December 2007, 16:45 WST.


George has been a big member of these forums since June of this year and has made 271 posts helping others out, joining in the conversations and been a member that many other members have truly respected. I will miss him.


When I was looking back over his posts I had to laugh when he said about ADSB and his Cub:


But my old girl doesn't have a master, or a generator, or a battery, and as a fully certified type I can't just stick bits on...what about ME?


and then when Nev said:


browng. Vee haf vays off making you squawk... Nef.


George came back with:


Anybody know a good way of getting coffee out of a keyboard?


All one has to do is look through George's posts and you would see the kind of guy that he was - genuine, honest and willing to help others out.


George - you will be sadly missed and I thank you for all you have said and done here and I know that you will be at home with the angels as they too don't have a master, or a generator, or a battery - happy flying George












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Vale George Brown


It's funny when you read the posts from different members. Even though we are separated by thousands of kilometers and years of experience, through these posts, you get to know one another - their sense of humour, their sense of occasion, their integrity, their willingness to share knowledge and ideas with others.


I'm at the opposite end of the flying spectrum from George, and yet it was a joy to read his insights, added with passion and knowledge. I never met George, but I will miss him. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif





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Guest Fred Bear

George, I hope there are cyber-angels mate so they can pass this one on to you:


May the road rise to meet you,


May the wind be always at your back,


May the sun shine warm upon your face,


The rains fall soft upon your fields and,


Until we meet again,


May God hold you in the palm of His hand.




George, RIP. You were a gentleman. Will miss you and your posts. The Masters family.



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Guest pelorus32

Oh F:censored:!!!


George was such a straight shooter - no artifice, no mucking around...you knew what he thought. I treasure that above all else. He also had such a long and interesting history in aviation.


Yesterday when I read the news of this accident I wondered whether it would touch us....and it has. Not to mention the orphaned Cub.


My sincerest condolences to George's loved ones. I didn't know him, yet I felt that I did in this funny world we live in.


Vale George Brown.





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A sad lose to us all but especially his loved ones.


If there is a heaven and I would like to think there is, it will have clear blue sky, calm air and absolutely no controlled air space.





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I watched "One Six Right" for the first time on Friday night and when I saw that yellow Cub fill the screen as it danced across the countryside the first thing I thought was "That's what BrownG flies" ... little knowing that he was now gone from amongst us.


It sure hits home when you know the person involved!! Apart from the forum I didn't know George but being a member of the forum makes him family and in some way we do get to know each other. I'm stunned and also will miss him here. How awful for his family and close friends to suffer this tragedy so close to that special family time, Christmas. Let's spare them a prayer as we enjoy the company of our loved ones on Tuesday.


If nothing else guys and gals, take great care when you spread your wings to soar with the wind ... you're all very special people and we want you around for a long time yet.


Ian, is there something we as forum family can do to express our condolences to George's family? I'm sure many of our members will want to share in this.





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Paul, it goes without saying that flowers will be sent to George's funeral also I am trying to find out when the funeral will be so that maybe we can be represented to pay our respects.



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Oh no.


I did not know George, but like others on this forum I always had a great amount of respect and admiration for him. I've always thought he was someone I'd like to meet, to sit down with and chat to for a while. Alas, that will not be.


I'm deeply saddened by the loss of someone with so much knowledge, fairness and wit. I'll miss him greatly and I didn't even know him. Condolences to all of his family who must be suffering greatly.


I had not heard about the accident.


Farewell George, may your soul keep flying forever.



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browng & cub.


The Piper Cub epitomises a simple basic trainer, rugged & a true classic. I think that I know the aircraft that George purchased and I can tell you that it is totally original and if he hadn't purchased it, I probably would have. Originality and history is something that is not often mentioned in our movement, as having much significance, with the exception of the Wheeler scout , the Corby starlet & the Thruster with Tony Hayes attempting to assemble historically significant examples. There may be others that I have omitted through ignorance and the lateness of the hour, forgive me please.


George , If I may be so bold to suggest, was trying to convey the essential relationship between a pilot and a basic flying machine, without all the bells and whistles. (Gizmos). It would be a worthwhile to archive all his posts and examine them occasionally as time goes by to gauge where we are at. I did not have any difficulty with the essential message he was trying to convey. There was no doubt of the wealth of experience which he drew upon and we are the beneficiaries of his many contributions to this forum. We all feel a sense of loss in these circumstances. A sad occasion indeed. Nev..



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Despite working in computing for 20 years this is the first forum I have regularly participated in. Hence it came as a bit of a suprise when I reflected on this tragedy and realised that I considered George as a friend although we had never met. As Mazda said, I had the impression of him as someone I would have enjoyed "talking a good flight" with. I always found myself reading the threads to which George contributed & I shall miss his regular & well informed contributions.


Deepest condolences to his family and all his friends (whether they knew him or not).


Fly Safe





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Like everyone else, I'm stunned. While I hadn't met Browng, I was only chatting to him on the forums the other night.


051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif051_crying.gif.edc6b33a234e272ee13f0ec0ae40b12a.gif. I'm sorry I never got to teach you how to fly a model plane George.


Condolences to His Family and Friends. We'll miss you...


Blue skies and calm weather my friend.







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Guest David C

I've only just read of Georges death .... I'm not usually a man who is shocked or surprised by anything these days , however , this has really struck home with me . I am deeply saddened by his passing . Like most of us here , I had not met George , that doesn't lessen the feeling of loss though . If there is a life beyond this one I hope he finds everlasting peace . My sincere condolences go out to his family . May you R.I.P. George ..


David and Marilyn C



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when the newsflash came across on TV i had hoped that they had made yet another mistake on the type of aircraft that it was. alas it wasn't. as the accident had happened on the other side of the country i did not think that i would know who it was. when Ian posted this thread i felt stunned. I won't repeat what others have posted above. I won't ask why or how, but i will ask you all this evening to charge your glasses and turn to face the setting sun and say a few words for a true aviator who has 'Gone West'.


George Brown you will be missed




'lest we forget, we are not playing chess'



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My condolences to the Brown family, and to all his friends in this forum. Some of us did not meet the man in person, but we did get to meet the great person that the man is. Im sure he would have enjoyed knowing you's as much as he seemed to enjoyed this fourm. May you R.I.P. George ..



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Guest TOSGcentral

None of us know the measure of our days! When we pass we leave behind our lives and they can be measured by what we have done and how we did it - how this impacted on the quality of lives of others.


Browng's bequest to us is self evident from the posts given above.


These forums are blessed and so good because of a small group of experienced and very level headed people who introduce sane comment, a calming commentary to the rabid outpourings from such as myself, yet also extend a welcoming and helpful hand to the rawest of beginners.


Browng was one of that group and his loss is extreme!





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RIP George


As with everyone else who has posted, Kaz and I are stunned by the loss of one of our own. We had heard about the crash on the news and lamented the loss of two more of the ultralighting and recreational aviation family without a thought that we may have known the unfortunate folks...it is only as a result of this forum that we have been introduced to so many great people outside our geographic area. George is one of those great people. Someone I enjoyed "posting with", enjoyed reading his posts and appreciated and firm believer in his mantra of "stick and rudder" flying being the basis of good aviating.


Rest in peace George, you will be missed by many, including many whom you never met.


Matt & Kaz.



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Very sad indeed, you will be missed George! it makes it all the more sobering when its someone you have had a connection and conversation with, even if it is cyberspace. I enjoyed your posts, stories and your advice.


you will live on in our memories.







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Dear George,


I met you only briefly at Ballarat Airport, and we formed an immediate rapport. I was able to help you then and I wish I could help you now.


Since last Friday I’ve been out of the loop until a forum member spoke to me to tell of your accident. I refused to believe it then but horrified to return home today to find out the truth. I am one of the lucky ones who meet you personally, but that would have little bearing on the lives of those you have impacted upon in this forum. That is easy to recognise from the posts registered here.


I’m going to miss you George. Rest in Peace my friend. Decca.



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