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Garry Morgans Cheetah 19-4407 For Sale

Guest lownslow

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Guest lownslow

Due to very much unforseen circumstances I am forced to sell Garry Morgans own cheetah that I bought earlier this year.


80 hp Jabiru, engine airframe only 250 hrs, full instruments (except AH) incl transponder mode C.


This was Garry's own plane and demo aircraft and has been perfectly maintained. I have added the transponder and disk toe brakes.


Flys and handles beautifully and TAS 100kts.


IF you want to have the perfect LSA at only kit price $59,000 then call me


Aircraft is currently at Bairnsdale AD.


Ross Wilson - 0408 600 133







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Guest lownslow

The sale of my cheetah did not go ahead so it is still for sale. I will now take $45,000 which is less than kit price.


Anyone interested can call me on 0408 600 133


The plane is currently hangered at Taree


Ross Wilson



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Not quite sure I follow all of that, however I suspect that this is one of those deals (Ross's Cheetah, the original one advertised in this post) that I'm going to kick myself for not looking at more closely - what is by all accounts a nicely built aircraft with the bugs ironed out and for kit price or even less! Unfortunately for the next 5-8 yrs, 2 seats just isn't going to cut it a lot of the time, so I'm probably going to buy a share in a GA machine and occasionally hire an RA type to keep my hand in - in an ideal world I'd have a share in a 4 seater AND my own RA machine for cheap(er), fun flying but that's ever less likely to happen as the various tiers of govt. find ever more imaginitive ways to gouge money out of my wallet.



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Hi My budget is $80,000 inc gst would Gary be interested to sell the Sierra



I am looking for a replacement for the plane I sold

As I posted this morning, Garry has 2 Sierras for sale.


I reckon $80k would get you the new fully optioned white one.


Call him on 02 6553 9920.



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Carl,How about this for an idea: buy a two seat RAA machine and hire a 4 seat only when you need it. I'll bet it will cost less and you will do more flying in the RAA machine .


David, I know that would be ideal, however the major stumbling block is finding an aircraft to hire for my typical GA usage which is trundling off for breakfast or going to a fly in or possibly even a meeting out West ie. aircraft will be gone for quite a few more hours than the hobbs is going to show at the end of it. Understandably, owners aren't partial to that, hence the attraction of a group. My "problem" is that the rest of the family are pretty keen on the breakfast / fly in side of aviation too, so my heading off alone or with only one of them doesn't go down too well at the moment. All that will change as the youngster starts to make his own way and an RA type will fit the bill very nicely - that is however a good 6 years away. There are worse problems to have I guess:big_grin:.


Cheers Carl



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Cheetah For sale


As I posted this morning, Garry has 2 Sierras for sale.I reckon $80k would get you the new fully optioned white one.

Call him on 02 6553 9920.

I sent an e-mail to garry he came back with {


Hi there Martin,


The att. photos of the blue s100 is now a 24- aircraft it has only about 55hrs. as new. $85.000.00 + gst


slarti posted quote 80G




Is this the aircraft you were talking about


Talk Soon





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Slarti, when you said the maroon one was sold, were you referring to 19-4407?

Do you mean 4507?

Mmmm - this thread was badly named.


No 4507 was resold already.


The maroon one was 5172 and it has been sold too.


Like sands through the hour glass......so are the Morgans of our lives.


You all wish you had one.



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Can confirm that 19-4507 is still for sale, presently de-rigged, and hiding in my hangar.Arthur.

Geeze that's a sad sight...051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif

Often wonder how many aircraft are sitting unused in hangars all round Australia. Perhaps a register of underused/unloved aircraft could be matched with pilots without the resources to buy their own aircraft so both pilots and those aircraft dont get too rusty. (Sounds like a job for Ian and SUPER CMS 008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gif)



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Give Gary Morgan a call at Morgan Aeroworks and he will give you full details.


Yes it is a very good aircraft, we have one being built by Gary at the moment with a 6 cylinder Jabiru engine.


Give Gary a call ASAP as I believe it should sell quickly.


Best regards, Alan.



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