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Pacific Flyer Monthly Photo Competition - December 2009


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We're off with another month of great photos. The light is improving with the weather, so no excuses. Get out there and get snapping.


There have been some great photos coming in, and each month one lucky member gets a 6 month subscription to Pacific Flyer Magazine. Philthy has excused himself from accepting the prize for awhile, so there's some hope for the rest of you (I'm ineligble because I organised the competition - damn it).


Don't forget to have a high resolution version of your photo available for publication, and to send it to Angela at [email protected] when she announces the winners.


Also remember that if you didn't take the picture, the person who did needs to give permission for publication.


Good luck all.


Scottw - I moved your post from the November thread, so you get to start off December.



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Thats a sweet pic of HVI naemick!!! I was wondering what happened to the "old girl" I used to fly HVI years ago at Archerfield, best C152 around at the time! Nice to see she's still going strong!

One would have to wonder about how well the ASI worked on that flight !!!



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Thanks gents, it was one of those "gee that's pretty" moments as I walked out of the hangar and quickly snapped the shot with my point and shoot.


I like the sepia effect on that FW 190, Scott, where did you shoot that, haven't seen the aircraft before?



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G'day Spin


And many thanks


The aircraft is a local(Toowoomba)area based aircraft. It is a scratch built aircraft, and no plans. It is a scale build not a full size replica. The owner has done a magnificent job on the aircraft. the engine is the same as what can be found in the Nanchang CJ-6A.


The image was taken over the Gatton area (SE QLD) a couple of years ago now. My, hasn't time gone.



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