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What are we?

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As we gathered in Ian's tent, at times I was searching for the right words to identify the participants in this forum, or users of this site.


Pudescon is possibly the closest with forumites - but that does not specify the Recreational Flying.


RecFly members


RecFly participants




Any suggestions?


Jack. :confused::confused:



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It is difficult to describe eh wanabigaplane?


If I'm referring to a thread on here in conversation with someone I say something like "On the forums the other night, you know, the flying one etc....". It doesn't really cut it but I'm not sure how to describe this site and the participants here. "Recreational Flyers" is a bit of a mouthful in general conversation as is "Recreation Flying forums". I do like "Recflyers" and "Recflyer's forums" sounds ok too. So I'll use those terms from now on unless someone comes up with a better idea.





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Guest Howard Hughes
I think thats the most appopriate general term and then recreational aviator for those of us who fly for fun!

Recreational Aviator = RA

RA also stands for Resolution Advisory!;)


Does that make the collective noun for a group of RA's, a 'nearmiss' of RA's?006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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