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  1. Tom was the observer..it was vh registered. Pilot was commercial... both great young men.
  2. I did my flying with young Tom (18) he was the observer on the plane having just been certified for it and he was so excited to get a "start".. Both Hayden and Tom were excellent pilots. Tom and I had just been to Temora airshow and I always felt safe and confident in his ability even for a person so young.. He wanted to do AG Flying and was trying to talk his brother and dad into buying a plane ... Lovely family from Corryong... sadly missed all ready.
  3. Great Day yesterday... not tooooo hot. The aircraft displays continued one after the other, spitfires, P40, Caraibou, Planes from WWI to today, including the F35 The anouncer was fantastic, great information and very interesting kept you chatting about a few of his insights... Definately on my to do for next year.\
  4. Agreed.... Thew system must have an edit time line.... looks like I have missed this. Great point for the next time .. Thanks :)
  5. I have been flying with it for a few months now... it has some great features but it falls down on simple things like printing flight plan, submission to NAIPS (painful), sectional flight heights and just simple things like 'flow' but working on it. Has some great features like easy access to ERSA, weather, winds aloft (not sure if its better then windy??) Notams, airspace warnings .... maybe ozrunways could take note and build on their product. I bit the bullet and purchased for 12 montsh to get a good feel and do a bit of flying with it....
  6. The Temora Air Force Centenary Showcase will include displays from more than 50 aircraft. 2021 is a significant year, marking the centenary of RAAF, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Temora Aviation Museum, and this air show will be a celebration of both! Due to COVID restrictions, tickets are currently limited to 3,000 a mix General Admission and Premium Tickets. Event Times Gates Open 830am, flying starts approximately 11am Flying ends approximately 4:00pm, gates close 4.30pm Aircraft you will see on the day. The RAAF Histo
  7. Time Left: 14 days and 8 hours

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    We found that it was extremely hard finding items for the Australian market (European as well) in metric. Dipping your tanks using a wooden dowl or buying a plastic gauge from the USA which indicated in Gallons were only the options... so we came up with a "AUSDip..Dip Stick" in Litres designed specifically for your Plane. We will make them to order for your specific type of aircraft, GA, experimental/Home Built. We can also do them in GALLONS if requested. Rounded edges so no damage to Bladders Very long Bright Orange Sash that can be hooked if you drop it in your tank! You will be able to provide us exact measurements of indicators on your current "Dip Stick" and we will make one to your requests. www.ausdip.com.au Also I encourage any feedback as well... yes we know the web site is clunky and getting the information... 🙂 20210211_095553.mp4


    Albury, New South Wales - AU

  8. Good evening, Im installing new Garmin hardware and of course it runs well with Garmin Pilot V10 Im currently using OzRunways and Im happy with this product. Has anyone had mush experience with the Garmin Pilot10 software and can compare it to Oz? From my dealings with it so far... it has some great features...but so does OzRunways. Im not super keen on having two Flight bags Any feedback from anyone who has used it for a while and can compare would be very welcome Thanks again Apologies if this topic is somewhere else on the site
  9. Well the install is into its second week and going to plan (if there is such a thing) Auto pilot should be finished this week, Steve NELSON from Corowa... wow what a whiz knows his stuff back wards and RobGray from Wagga and his offsider JOHN who is running the show.. amazing work and so detailed... Spending a few days with them it makes me feel very confident the finished product and level of finish will be excellent.+
  10. Well the keys arrived.... 4 in total Our local locksmith cut the ignition keys and they work perfectly and fit like a bug n a rug! So Cut two and kept 2 x blanks Thanks to everyones input
  11. Luckily they have been sent EXPRESS POST..... mmm Saturday today and still waiting :(🤣
  12. Thanks Possum1.... The keys are on their way from Sydney. If they fail or some reason are incorrect I'll contact KGB thanks again for the tip
  13. Thanks Clinton.... its been interesting to try and find any key blank to fit it... none available on anyones hooks in the shops... but hopefull the blanks will be in downtown Albury by the end of the week
  14. Update: There are no SILCA (The name of the blank for the Cessna) in Australia (Info from suplier) ... so I got in contact with the Bankstown guys and they are selling me 6 x blanks ($18 plus postage delivered to our our Locksmiths in Albury) and then I will get the locksmith to cut them. I did try the "real locksmiths" and most of them just went "mmmmm whats this for? mmmm nope cant help you " after checking their stock of blanks. So I have a solution to the problem ...never thought it would be this difficult and even surpried that the Australian Distributor - Cessna doesnt hold an
  15. I’m trying to find somewhere that cuts Cessna Ignition keys. I have been to all our local locksmiths and contacted Hawker Pacific in Sydney (Cessna authorised dealer)...but not really able to assist.... pointed me to a locksmith in Bankstown.(still waiting to see if he can help). All I’m after is the blanks so our local guy can cut them. My next port of call will be the USA and see if they have blanks..... so if anyone can help with finding blanks etc... could you please let me know Thankyou in anticipation.
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