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  1. Well the keys arrived.... 4 in total Our local locksmith cut the ignition keys and they work perfectly and fit like a bug n a rug! So Cut two and kept 2 x blanks Thanks to everyones input
  2. Luckily they have been sent EXPRESS POST..... mmm Saturday today and still waiting :(🤣
  3. Thanks Possum1.... The keys are on their way from Sydney. If they fail or some reason are incorrect I'll contact KGB thanks again for the tip
  4. Thanks Clinton.... its been interesting to try and find any key blank to fit it... none available on anyones hooks in the shops... but hopefull the blanks will be in downtown Albury by the end of the week
  5. Update: There are no SILCA (The name of the blank for the Cessna) in Australia (Info from suplier) ... so I got in contact with the Bankstown guys and they are selling me 6 x blanks ($18 plus postage delivered to our our Locksmiths in Albury) and then I will get the locksmith to cut them. I did try the "real locksmiths" and most of them just went "mmmmm whats this for? mmmm nope cant help you " after checking their stock of blanks. So I have a solution to the problem ...never thought it would be this difficult and even surpried that the Australian Distributor - Cessna doesnt hold an
  6. I’m trying to find somewhere that cuts Cessna Ignition keys. I have been to all our local locksmiths and contacted Hawker Pacific in Sydney (Cessna authorised dealer)...but not really able to assist.... pointed me to a locksmith in Bankstown.(still waiting to see if he can help). All I’m after is the blanks so our local guy can cut them. My next port of call will be the USA and see if they have blanks..... so if anyone can help with finding blanks etc... could you please let me know Thankyou in anticipation.
  7. Hi thanks for the reply Currently we are going to get G3x G5 Gnx355 with adsb in and out coupled to Autopilot Autopilot Comms unit with Bluetooth Comm Definately overkill but you have to enjoy it and i want to do ifr As well...
  8. Hi All.... just an update.. yes purchased the aircraft... got a thumbs up from the LAME and so far so good ! Im going to do the upgrade and yes.. I know im overcapitalising etc etc and wont get my money back.. BUT its about the next 5 or so years, putting in what I would like to have in the plane and enjoying it with the upgrade, having a good time ... I contacted Peter Brand at Horsham Aviation ... excellent man, lots of info and he also quoted. Also obtained one from Rob GRAY (Garmin) Wagga and he has also quoted. Both groups Labour components were huge... more then the equipement
  9. Thank you. I will call them and have a chat as well as the owner if I can.
  10. Im looking at that as well... finding one that has the "whistles " in it and price... not too high. Ive seen them as sold , missed the boat but i know they will be back. Juat keeping an eye out
  11. I thought it would be along those lines.... meeting with him this week.. thanks again
  12. While I have you both here !! What stops me from putting in a G3x Non certified into a 182 Vs a certified.. From my reading they are exactly the same except much cheaper and I think its something to do with IFR and not being able to do IFR ???? I dont seem to get a definative answer on it... Any help would be apprecited.
  13. Thank you... will call them on Monday and have a chat... still settling on either 182 or 172, probably the 182... all comments and suggestions welcome.
  14. Thanks Roscoe, will make contact with you soon to see what you did and any suggestions as well.
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