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  1. Thanks for your help i will take it out tomorrow and send it down to the dealer in the ACT John
  2. Please excuse my ignorence but what is anIC John
  3. Thanks that was my next option as the unit has only done 15 hrs John
  4. Yes it only seems to happen in the early morning after a cold night yhen in the afternoon when it has warmed up a bit it works ??? John
  5. Hi i have an ultra horizon xl panel each morning the instruments don't come on even though the system is powering up ,and by the afternoon they work ok??? i have replaced the battery but this has had no effect also after changing the battery the low fuel warning does not go off even whan disabled in the disable menu and all the fuel calulations have changed/ does anyone with any knowledge of this panel live in se qld (brisbane) that i might be talk to . Cheers John
  6. Hi all my red Revo is now home in se Qld ,drove down to Latrobe Valley last week and took delivery ran out of time to finish test flying and tuning the wing will have to do that when the weather clears up here. Cheers John
  7. John Raison

    Import cost

    Hi all can anyone tell me the cost of importing the sonex kit to Australia Cheers John
  8. If your interested in having a look at one under construction I'm at Beenliegh and also fly out of Heck fielCheers John
  9. Hi Damian I think build will vary a far bit i know mine will be a far bit more than 400hrs. depends on so many different things,how fussy you are ,any personal changes you make eg. i,m putting a GA style dash in mine so a far bit of time will go into that,if you put in flaps ect ect. Cheers John
  10. Hi all,yes i have the colour scheme picked out bit hard to explain but the base colour is pearl with a purple {holden commadore colour} tail and wing tips with a gold flash down the fuse.meeting with the upholsterer {our club elpresendente} next week.The 650 was on my list but glad i went with the Seirra easy to build and being able to talk direct to Gary to ask any questions is a godsend..... Cheers John
  11. [ATTACH]13017.vB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]13016.vB[/ATTACH]Hi all just finished fitting the rear deck bugger of a job doing it by yourself but happy with the end result ,will start on elevators next and finish the elevator controls before riviting the deck in place Cheers John
  12. Viking mount Hi Bruce I,ll be keen to know what Gary can do with the engine mount,Jan said in his email that he could make one no problems,also i will be using Gary,s cowling as i already have it just have to modify it abit to suit the Viking.Would like to talk to you about the Viking engine can you send me your number Cheers John:clap:
  13. Hi guys the viking and the jab3.3 are both quoted at 178lbs all the info can be found at vikingaircraftengines and go to the technical link Cheers John
  14. [ATTACH]12876.vB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]12877.vB[/ATTACH][ATTACH]12878.vB[/ATTACH]Hi Damian here are some pics of where i'm at things will be a bit slow for awhile as i've been called in to do flood repairs.Engine mount and cowling will be from Viking hope to go to the States and see the motor in person sometime this year.Cheers John
  15. Hi all back from holidays and back into building ,things have a bit slow of late but the rain has let me spend time in the shed and not in the yard. finished skinning the bottom and the 2 sides today and will start on the rear deck tomorrow. Will post some pics. shortly, Will be buying a small lightweight battery drill tomorrow to use to debure as my existing 24 volt one weighs to much especially when you have drill and debure so many holes,,,, Cheers John
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