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  1. Trump has started zero wars he has inherited war's which he is trying to withdraw from. Here is his response to Iran shooting down a US drone. Trump tweeted: “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, ‘How many will die?’ ‘150 people, sir’, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not … proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. The real question is why do people think this is not a rational response. Unlike previous administrations.....
  2. Haha no I paid full price and have no stake in SkyEcho. For what it does and the price we should all have one. The two planes that mid-aired while IFR last year would no doubt agree.
  3. Trump is a symptom of the divide not the cause. How can you not support Trump given his track record for not starting wars and killing millions of civilians??? The choose is simple Slaughter of innocent or not. Men in men's toilets or not.
  4. The SkyEcho is fantastic and one of the few good things CASA has done by allowing us to use it. It's as good as advertised we should all be carrying one.
  5. The USA has no place being the worlds police. The lives lost/destroyed by USA incursions from the Iraq invasion, Syria (one of the few democratically elected Arab county's), Libya who now have slave auctions etc is way worse than letting them be. Trump has his faults but I forgive everything else because at the end of the day He is a dove and wants peace. The other side wants to blow shit up and cannot figure out which toilet they should use. Trump has his faults but the other side is insane.
  6. From July 16th, CASA’s Advisory Circular 91-23 “ADS-B for enhancing situational awareness” will approve Electronic Conspicuity (EC) devices and integrated Traffic Awareness Beacon Systems (TABS) for VFR aircraft. See the full AC here: AC 91-23v1.0 This AC allows VFR aircraft to utilise the ADS-B OUT functionality of lower cost and portable devices, except during the following situations: (a) in VFR flight at or above FL290; or (b) concurrently with a Mode S transponder that is also transmitting ADS‐B. An EC device may be operated in Australia concurrently with a Mode A/C, o
  7. I down graded my license to RPL from PPL because the medical is a lot easier in a country town, your local GP can do it. If you are doing the training and want to fly GA there is no point not doing the PPL. Whether you fly RAAs first then transition or start with GA aircraft is really a question on what you want to achieve. If I was starting again I would be aiming at a J230 and ignore GA these aircraft will give you 90% of the performance at 1/2 the cost. Unless you want more than 2 seat's or enter controlled airspace.
  8. I know this plane you will not be disappointed.
  9. Geophys at Coober Pedy where I took the pic. Made more funny because of the antenna out the back.
  10. Like everything it's not clear cut. Number 1 rule DO NOT DO A STALL SPIN. Spinning in will most likely result in a very bad out come. A turn a low altitude with low energy is high risk but if your confident in your plane, skills and nowhere else to go it may well be worth the risk. If your choose is houses or forest you may attempt it where as if you have open farm land you would simply land straight or slight deviation in a paddock.
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