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  1. Just buy a SkyEcho see and be seen.
  2. I would love a FAR part 103 lets go old school. Duck (auto-corrected word) CASA they don't care about Rec aviation or my safety, they care about continuing to strengthen their bureaucracy. The further they are from my plane the safer I would be.
  3. They pick and choose which is worse. I would like us to just adopt the FAA reg's. Australia has a basket case of bad reg's would be much easier to just shift to FAA regs. They have problems to but way less than us.
  4. They did far worse to Jabiru with zero consequences to the bureaucracy. "Ethics and CASA" is like "military intelligence"
  5. I don't get who would want to be flying IFR at 5500 feet. There is no reason to change the existing 8500 unless it is to increase it to 10,000 east coast class G. Would be interesting to see how many IFR aircraft actually use the 8500 to 10,000 foot band. I am betting almost no one.
  6. I have an Xcom, No complaints works as advertised.
  7. Did not even know Garmin was doing an app looks good. The integration with the rest of your systems is a plus but does not look like it talks the SkyEcho which is a minus, it also look like it is limited in Australia compared to USA and Europe. You can try it for 30 days for fee and let us know what you think.
  8. They have only just allowed us to use low cost ADSB transmitters (SkyEcho2) instead of being 10k it is a 1k expense. I think the regional airlines are pushing to be able to see Rec aviation in higher density traffic area's the SkyEcho fits this need without costing to much. I to am on the fence about a need for change on one hand there does not seem to be a problem. On the other it is a small impost for a fairly large improvement in see and avoid. What ever they decide someone won't be happy I think the best out come for recreational aviation is allowing the cheap ADSB's to be used i
  9. They don't need to subsidize transponders just allow the Skyecho2 to be used as a minimum in class E and D. Most of us would be happy with this and except class E along the East Coast. It would be a big step up in safety for very little cost.
  10. Looks like they had a rethink will be interesting to see whether they give us a better proposal. Not holding my breath but at least they responded.
  11. From Air Service's. " Good afternoon Airservices thanks all aviation industry stakeholders for their continued interest in the initial proposal to lower the base of Class E airspace. We are continuing to work on how best to revise our proposal, taking into consideration all of the industry feedback we received. We plan to provide the details of the revised proposal to industry shortly. This information package will include detailed airspace design for the revised proposal, surveillance and communication coverage charts, and we will seek further ind
  12. Anything you buy would be a down grade from your J170.
  13. Pickles is just trying to get the very best price for their clients which is not the buyer. If you had loaned Soar Aviation money you would be pushing to use the most aggressive auction house to sell the assets. Pickles is open about how they are going to run the sale if you don't want to play the game don't. The amount of sooking because people cannot buy a cheap aircraft for cents on the dollar is a sign the receivers are doing their job.
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