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  1. I have some info on this crash. He was landing and did not see the SWR line until it was to late. Was ejected from the plane during the crash thru the windscreen very lucky to be alive.
  2. I had 2 mixed up Lancefield vic was a 912 I knew there was 4 but did not look up the incidents, You are right the coolant leak Gippsland was a subaru. There are a lot of Jab's flying a lot of hours in OZ. Rotax the current trend is not your friend. Jabs should be more reliable they are way less complicated. Also R22's use air-cooled engines just saying.
  3. Off The top of my head The last few serious incidents. Heck field Rotax failed to make enough power on takeoff South east of Melbourne (I think) Rotax powered coolant leak into cabin crashed into tree's Orange Rotax powered (we don't know what caused this one so it may not be the engine) and this Foxbat Rotax power engine failure. So while I was I was also half serious. There seems to be a string of Rotax failures.
  4. Anyone else notice a trend with Rotax power aircraft. They should have been flying a Jabiru. 🍿
  5. I should be clearer sorry. The Mag test great on the ground run, you have to pay really close attention to even notice a change between both, 1 or the other. When I did the air test both mags behaved the same way. I wont do it again. to quote facthunter "never stop learning"
  6. Tried this yesterday. 190 kts IAS, 2000', 2400 rpm (constant speed prop), 36lph (50 deg Lean of peak on richest cylinder). IO360. When I turned one of the mags off the engine when very rough the EGT started to rapidly rise. I did not leave it running on one mag for more than a few seconds because of how rough it got, Both Mags behaved the same. So for me if I loose a mag I will notice straight away. Not what I expected.
  7. If it is VH-UQI Don't know anything about this type. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/47097/VH-UQI
  8. If you have 2 good mags you probably will not notice a slight decrease in engine performance. My taco is only connected to 1 mag so I may loose that if the right one fails but this is an unusual setup. It's why we have to do mag checks because if we dident most people would fly around unaware one had stopped working a long time ago.
  9. Turboplanner is correct Livestock especially these southern ones don't care about aircraft at 500' they generally do not even look up. Same with sheep. 50' and its a bit different.
  10. I know about the Sportstar crash I will say that the official story is not quite right. If you hit a SWR line you probably should not have been there.
  11. Fly with zero insurance and set your affairs up in such a way as to be a hard target for lawyers I have it's not cheap but good luck litigating me.. The passengers have to take a level of responsibility explain the risk and make it their call. We have gone insane with litigation no one takes responsibility for their actions no one forces anyone to go for a ride.
  12. Rotax is way more complicated and way more expensive than a Jabiru. Also he was not asking about rotax, Arron25 clearly wants a real engine in his plane. Real aero engines are air-cooled. 🍿
  13. If your going to have a collapse it's best to not have the prop spinning.
  14. The airport was there long before the houses. They are not that loud living next to the Main North road would be way louder. People just like to complain. Allowing touch and goes at RAAF Base Edinburgh would spread the noise out a bit and give the students a different airfield to land at.
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