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  1. They don't need to subsidize transponders just allow the Skyecho2 to be used as a minimum in class E and D. Most of us would be happy with this and except class E along the East Coast. It would be a big step up in safety for very little cost.
  2. Looks like they had a rethink will be interesting to see whether they give us a better proposal. Not holding my breath but at least they responded.
  3. From Air Service's. " Good afternoon Airservices thanks all aviation industry stakeholders for their continued interest in the initial proposal to lower the base of Class E airspace. We are continuing to work on how best to revise our proposal, taking into consideration all of the industry feedback we received. We plan to provide the details of the revised proposal to industry shortly. This information package will include detailed airspace design for the revised proposal, surveillance and communication coverage charts, and we will seek further ind
  4. Anything you buy would be a down grade from your J170.
  5. Pickles is just trying to get the very best price for their clients which is not the buyer. If you had loaned Soar Aviation money you would be pushing to use the most aggressive auction house to sell the assets. Pickles is open about how they are going to run the sale if you don't want to play the game don't. The amount of sooking because people cannot buy a cheap aircraft for cents on the dollar is a sign the receivers are doing their job.
  6. Looks like they received a lot of negative feedback.
  7. Just got this email from airservice's I assume everyone who submitted feed back on their proposal got the same. " Good Morning Airservices would like to thank all airspace users and aviation industry stakeholders that provided feedback on our initial proposal to lower the base of Class E airspace along the East Coast. For the initial consultation period from 20 January to 15 February 2021, we received over 1,000 responses from all aspects of industry, including airlines, industry associations such as Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus), Gliding Federation, Australian A
  8. Just buy a transponder is a B.S response. The radar coverage along the coast would be about 30% at on below 5000' on a good day. So we force everyone to carry an expensive paper weight for most of the flight when they could have 100% coverage for other aircraft if they where ADSB equipped. It's not just the cost of the transponder it's the ongoing certification. Transponders require an ATC operator to see you and vector IFR aircraft around you they have demonstrated recently that this is a failure point. ADSB is the future they should just embrace it now the Skyecho's
  9. Transponders are old tech and are being replaced with ADSB, This is the FAA's long term plan. "Certified" avionics have the same components the same board manufacture as non certified there is no reason they are any more reliable. In fact because the manufacture has to spend so much on the certification they do not get updated, the design gets locked in even is it could be improved it won't be due to having to re-certify. What certified means is old out of date tech that is nowhere near as good as the new stuff or is some cases as reliable. Note vac pump failures vs solid state giros f
  10. ADSB broadcasts about every half a second this is faster and more accurate than Transponders "C" Why is the FAA transitioning away from radar and towards ADS-B technology? https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/programs/adsb/faq/#g1 Transponders are going to be phased out it makes no sense to lower class G airspace until they sort this out in OZ.
  11. You own the airspace to 500' agl over your own land. If you remain under that and remain over your own property you can do what every you want. However if you crash insurance may not pay out.
  12. How good is that. If we all carried skyecho's this is what we could have for collision avoidance. I think almost everyone would be happy to make the coastal class G into to E if this was the future. Just allow us to fly class E with Skyecho2 or equivalent. ATC have proved having crashed 3 aircraft recently that they don't care about our safety. Foreflights example has me excited for what can be done if we all carry (cheap) ADSB transmitters.
  13. It's not that bad. If you are using it for navigating you will be glancing at the screen anyway. It just gives you idea whats around. Even if you have 2 aircraft each traveling towards each other at 200kts each you only have to look at the screen every 3 minutes to notice if you are on a collision course. I would be very surprised if the software developers are not working on an automated collision warning system as part of the electronic flight bag.
  14. But you will be so much safer smashing into a hill while watching ATC crash IFR aircraft into each other and denying clearance's to VFR GA forcing them to crash next you. Happy days /s
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