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  1. BH799, I'm writing this to you from the States where, as you'll probably know, there is a very large fleet of single engine piston aircraft. Your 'discovery' - an appealing plane at a distant location, at a good price but not flown whatsoever for several years - is a common trap door over here. I would advise great caution. And I think I do understand your dilemma: SA probably doesn't offer you the a/c for sale that you'd like to find. When we sailed out to Oz from the States, we put our boat through Customs at Brisbane because it offered an active group of potential buyers who would fly
  2. There's a general theme of advice directed at aspiring long distance sailors you might want to consider: Buy the 'last boat' first and then keep it. One learning curve to master plus more learning sooner given the boat's expanded mission capabilities. One set of costs for upgrading and one set of efforts for personalizing, plus you'll find it easier to make quality choices for upgrading kit since you know you will be living with the boat longer. Your devotion to the boat's care may be stronger since you know it will be yours longer. If you can bear the cost of the 'eventual' boat first, t
  3. To the OP, and as mentioned above, the Chinese 'Rotax' clone is on the way... https://airkmotors.com/?lang=en#moteurs Yes, these are "Chinese" engines...but don't overlook the poor reputation (at least in the USA and Europe; IDK about Oz) which Rotax has earned for poor warranty support. Here's one recent example: "I have to agree on the Rotax Warranty. I spent $2,100 using a Rotax heavy maintenance approved technician to repair a brand new engine. We submitted a warranty invoice, and 6 months later, I received $310 – When I called the Rotax customer support, they were rude. Very disap
  4. Altho' this is a dated thread, I sure do appreciate Exadios mentioning the Soaring the Sky link. That podcast, with its many differing interviews, safety segments, etc., strikes me as a good resource for getting introduced to the range of soaring activities that exist. Thanks, Exadios! Jack
  5. After you work at it for a while, federal and state agencies begin to realize, with their limited budgets, they actually need you. Case in point, the RAF and the National Park Service signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) for the RAF to maintain the Chicken Strip airfield at the Death Valley National Park. It's a very desirable destination during the winter time since natural hot springs can be walked to. And the road trip by car is 4+ hours each way on a very rough road. We have other agreements with both the Bureau of Land Management and the U. S. Forest Service, these two agencies managing
  6. Trump also wanted to appoint his White House physician (Ronnie Jackson, as I recall) as Secretary of Veterans Affairs, a cabinet level position in the federal government. About equivalent to Trump nominating his local pharmacist or green grocer as Administrator of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. It's been a l-o-n-g four years, folks....
  7. Just to clarify, Class A airspace is generally the airspace from 18,000 feet MSL up to and including flight level (FL) 600, including the airspace overlying the waters within 12 nautical miles (NM) of the coast of the 48 contiguous states and Alaska. The reference to a 10,000 MSL limitation is likely related to the newer Sport Pilot license that was created in conjunction with the LSA aircraft classification. As I recall, the FAA even 'adjusted' the 10K limit for Sport Pilots to allow for up to an additional 2,000' above 10K when overflying high terrain.
  8. It's a pleasure to be back. Just before departing from the U.S. for the South Pacific aboard our yacht, I made contact with several folks here who were flying out of Colaundra's aerodrome. The next year, after clearing in, I was able to visit the airport and meet some of those pilots, and learn more about how regulated the GA flying is in Oz but also how it is nevertheless full of enthusiasm and a 'can do' spirit. I still remember that visit well, from a group of 10 owners of an almost new Skyfox to a just completed RV10, if memory serves. I'm hoping to return to Bris (timing uncertain, as
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