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  1. I have used spray Aeroguard to remove the sticky residue. The solvent seems to work and presumably is not harmful. For dry hard residue I have used Magic Eraser foam blocks. The blocks are a micro abrasive and combined with Aeroguard I have removed very tough dried glue with no harm to the underlying surface.
  2. In other discussions in other forums we have come to the conclusion the correct way to tension thru bolts is to use lots of lube, not dry nor un prepared (like Jab manual) - IE do as manufacturer of the thru bolts and nuts suggests !!!. I am about to replace the thru bolts on my 3300 and was intending to do it "dry" as Jabiru recommend. Can you provide a link to the alternative opinion using lube? Would like to get this right the first time!
  3. I think the root cause of many stall / spin accidents when turning final is an over reliance on power during approach. Dragging the aircraft through a shallow approach using large amounts of power as routine is asking for trouble. Keeping the circuit tight and the final turn high enough so that you can glide to a landing in the event of engine failure is common sense but it seems not so common.
  4. What about a Murphy Renegade or Renegade Spirit? A friend of mine had one and it flew well. Front seat was tight and it was slow but it was good fun to fly. https://www.murphyair.com/detail/renegade.html
  5. Hi Lyle - I am neither Cosmic or Ray! My name is Harry and an interest in small fast aircraft goes back a long way to when I first saw pictures of the Cosmic Wind. A dream came true last year when I saw G-ARUL at Duxford. Speaking of pictures, I would really like to see pictures of the S2 in Vic with 3.3 that you mentioned if you are able to post? I am aware of only one other Sonerai 1 (VH-MSV) in Australia although there may be others that I don't know about. I have flown VH-MSV and it goes pretty well powered by an O-200. Last I heard it was at Watts Bridge.
  6. I previously owned a Tipsy Nipper VW with similar horsepower to your 1835 and at the same time a Corby Starlet with a 2074 Aeropower. So similar aircraft but Nipper lighter by about 30Kg. The performance difference was significant with the Starlet going a lot better than the Nipper. A subsequent owner of the Nipper put a Jabiru 2200 in it and when I flew the plane performance had improved substantially and was similar to the Starlet. Have also done around 1500 hours behind a 2200 Jabiru and had a good experience so I am a fan. My current aircraft is a Sonerai 1 with Jabiru 3300 that climbs lik
  7. I have a J3300 with an Aeroinjector in a Sonerai and have removed the mechanical fuel pump. Fuel is gravity fed through the electric Facet pump and it works well for me. The max flow rate is 50 litres per hour with the Facet pump off and 70 litres per hour with the pump on. As best I can recall the "fuel head" in the Sonerai is similar to the early model Jabiru that I used to own. But it was a long time ago so I may not be right about the head available in a Jabiru. In my experimentation I found that there is a significant difference in the flow rate depending upon the fuel filter used.
  8. In support of Facthunter's comment, I noticed variability in mogas which was causing problems so I switched back to avgas.
  9. Not able to give a firm fuel consumption number because the original Bing carb was replaced by an Aeroinjector when the aircraft had done around 10 hours. Since then I have been fiddling with the tuning of the Aeroinjector. My estimate is 24 litres per hour at 170 knots. Flat out at 190 knots consumption would be around 35 litres per hour. Obviously Robin Austin has achieved some remarkable performance records but the Sonerai is already a fast design and if you add more horsepower then it will be faster. The really nice thing is low speed handling and landing is very easy and enjoyable. My eng
  10. The Sonerai has a very slippery airframe because it was designed for Formula Vee racing. I am getting 170 knot comfortable cruise in a Sonerai 1 with a Jabiru 3300. VNE for the Sonerai 1 is 195 knots. Full credit to Robin Austin for achieving the performance he did with a Sonerai 2 and less horsepower. In December 2019 John Monnett (designer of Sonerai and Sonex) announced that the Sonerai will be "coming home" and Sonex will be selling plans and parts. https://www.sonexaircraft.com/sonerai/
  11. I saw a Flying Flea derivative many years ago at The Oaks. I don't know where it came from, maybe Wedderburn, but it seemed to do all that was asked of it. That was around the time Pylon 500 had his little Stolite parked there. Flying Flea after departure from the runway at The Oaks. Can't remember what year.
  12. Hey Yenn - when you changed from spark plug to the screw mounted type CHT sensor, did you just change the connector where it attaches to the head or did you install a completely new sensor(s)?
  13. I use the MGL TC-3 to monitor EGT and CHT on my Jabiru 3300. It's a good instrument. Easy to read and set up.
  14. We were there just before the D-Day week at Duxford last year. A great show with the Red Arrows and seeing Alex Henshaw's Mew Gull was very special.
  15. A mystery oil leak with a Jab 3300 turned out to be leaking distributor spindles. Although the spindles are at the rear of the engine the oil ended up all over and coming out of the cowl.
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