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  1. Yeah, but someones in my hangar
  2. Oops , What are those drag marks on the grass ?
  3. Right near that 4.5 metre croc Pud
  4. Check out the photos in the album "Farri's Place" biggles - those 2 are a laugh a minute:smile: Pud Yeah I will Pud , but I know what you mean . Bob
  5. Yep, definitely a Jabiru - it's got a white tail. I think you may be right Mick. Take a look at this ......... a Jabiru wheel ! Bob
  6. Antics ????!!................have no idea what you are reffering to Pud......................................................Maj... Please explain !
  7. Too squat for a Jabiru 2200 , I think Pete . My guess is a 2 stroke Rotax or similar . You know , like those put in Snowmobiles ! Bob
  8. Hey Peter I think you might be in my hangar ! Bob
  9. Bill I found nothing offensive in your post , you merely passed on what was reported , as would be expected . Interestingly Mardy I did see the plug for a single seater at Jabiru a few years ago . I think it has since been relegated to the mezzanine floor with the gyro copter etc. , due to the GFC and the rising AUD/USD. Like any sensible outfit , they probably reckon that this is the time to focus on their core business , keeping those projects for better times . Bob
  10. The aircraft was definitely not a Jabiru . Have not positively identified the a/c yet , but the vision clearly showed the burnt remains of a metal framed fuselage . Bob
  11. Yep ......... I know all that I need to know , if you know what I mean !
  12. My IPad lasts at least 4 hours when using OzRunways . By then we have usually done enough " stick hours " for a couple of oldies and recharge that night . It is not necessary to have your WiFi + 3G IPad connected to an ..... " additional phone account " , as it still has a GPS , it just works a bit faster when connected to the 3G network ! Bob
  13. Maybe we'll need a mandatory " biennial' for basic navigation !
  14. Yes you can . Look up their home page and FAQ's for more info. Bob
  15. You will need a WiFi + 3G IPad , as the one without 3G doesn't have a GPS. The GPS is 'assisted' by the 3G network to get a faster ,more accurate fix . I have a 32 GB model but many use a 16 GB . You will need to download software eg OzRunawys or similar to use in the a/c. Bob
  16. G'Day Frank , Look forward to many pics from you and Maj. We have 11o C here at 1000 hrs with a 16 kt. Westerly , giving an apparent temp of around 7o C . Hope Maj. arrived safely . Would imagine any fog around Townsville would soon burn off , and the Sou'easterly should give him a reasonable tailwind . Regards to all from both of us Bob
  17. G'Day Blueline , , That certainly is extraordinary service from the little Jab 2200.I assume the engine is in the J160 , but could you tell us what a bit more about the type of flying is the aircraft normally used for - eg. Short/long trips , type of oil used ,oil consumption , cruise CHT's / EGT's , etc. Bob
  18. Good to hear that your Jab is going well . How many hours now and what fuel do you use .? Bob
  19. Interesting that Kaz . I had a similar experience a few months ago transitting around/below Townsville airspace . Out of courtesy , I called up the tower to advise that I was a non transponder equipped , RAAus aircraft , located then, between Bluewater Park and South Pinnacle , tracking between Restricted airspace to the West and Controlled airspace to the East , at 2500 , bound for Charters Towers via Starke Field . He then gave a 'jet jockey' reply to which I barely understood , and asked him to repeat . His second attempt was no better , and I decided I had more important things to do ( I w
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