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  1. " .......... the propellor assembly detached ........ " , what part of the propellor assembly ? , One would have thought that the builder had some responsibility to ensure that the prop. boss was properly torqued , lock wired etc. before fitting the prop , if , in fact this was the part that "detached ". Sounds like a bit of a beat up to me .Typical of the most litigious society on earth , with it's one million lawyers encouraging everybody to sue each other .Don't think Jabiru have too much to worry about . Bob
  2. Frank I find O.R. particularly useful when navigating around controlled airspace . It takes the worry out of being close ! Many find it best to spend some time with other O.R. users , to get confident with it's operational quirks . Have been to two O.R. sessions and found them of marginal benefit , as the presenters seem to get sidetracked by a few with advanced issues to the detriment of those new users who want to learn the basic functions . This is not a criticism of O.R.or their excellent software . Many new users find it more beneficial to spend time with a experienced user . Bob
  3. Never had a problem in 3.5 years and it gets blxxxy cold down here . All mods done to carby as required . Bob
  4. RR , Try the Top End Flying Club located some 40 km South of Darwin. They have a good website . Bob
  5. G'Day AMV , Welcome from Oz . Tell us about your interest in aviation . You will find lots of expertise here so anything you want to know , just ask . Bob
  6. If we don't see you again , do we assume that you failed the exam ? Bob
  7. A touching tribute to a fellow aviator . Thank you son . Bob
  8. Be nice T.P. I'm from about as far South as you can get !!
  9. We won't talk about the one in Townsville Frank !!
  10. G'Day Kaz , Yes, this is the " Victorian Riviera " but coming back from Farri's Country it takes a bit of getting used to . It seems that the older I get , the longer it takes for me to acclimatize . I know that it's a problem with me , because I see people half my age walking around with next to nothing on . Ideally I should spend June to September in Qld. but for some reason ,these days I seem to delight in just whingeing about it . Anyway back to your part of the world , A few weeks ago I was trying to make my way back here via the Melbourne Inland Route , it was the day the pilot landed
  11. OK you two smarties ( B_A & OK ) You might be interested to know that I have read all there is to know about the Edit function , and never understood a word . Maybe one of you should come down here ( mates rates of course ) and give me some personal tuition . Better be quick though , have just finished the 300 hourly on the Jab , and this cold weather is causing our thoughts to drift Northward again !! Bob
  12. David . If an old fella like me in a Jab 160 can handle Frank's strip ,you'll have no trouble. Where are you Pud , left home yet !! Bob
  13. This sensitive IPad keyboard again caused an unfinished post to go yet again !! . I wanted to finish by saying that individuals need to make their own decisions as to what legally conforms and this post should only be considered as my interpretion of the current situation. Bob
  14. G'Day Thirsty , You are correct to advise people to "carry the paper copies " , they should also be the 'current 'editions . At this stage CASA appear not to have a definitive position on this , and people using OzRunways , or similar are considered to conform with the requirements , in that they have a "current "version , notwithstanding the fact that it is an "electronic" version. I personally still carry paper charts etc. as a back up , in case Murphy decides to visit but many will have become recently outdated .I discussed this with a CASA at Temora in April and they appear to have a re
  15. " On a more serious note, I am led to believe you can carry your ERSA in electronic format now. Is this so and if so, where can I find the ruling from CASA please? " Dave , I don't think you will find anything in writing at this stage .I believe that a ' working party ' is currently looking into all aspects of EFB's . However as we are required to carry ' current charts , ersa etc " the electronic versions are being accepted at this present time . Bob
  16. Recreational Flying for me Ian Bob
  17. Farri Country A Drifter on the beach Master and Apprentice Cairns night markets with the girls Farewell Farri
  18. HTC Do you know what those protrusions on the cowl are there for ? Bob
  19. Hey Frank , take Pud to the outer reef , on a moonless night when it's blowin' 30 knots .Then tell him he has to do the first 6 hour "anchor watch" , while you finish off the scotch. You know - like you tried to do with me . See how tough these sandgropers really are . Bob
  20. Steve , You will need the Townsville VTC . Stark Field is located on the 3500/4500 boundary near Woodstock . Bob
  21. Had the pleasure of meeting Biggles and his lovely wife again today at Starke field west of Townsville. (I had run into them recently at Natfly Temora) They are on their way up to visit Frank Arri (Farri) just South of Cairns, and should be there tomorrow sometime. They had overnighted in Longreach central Qld, stopped at Charters Towers for fuel, and arrived over Starke around 1pm today. After a relaxing chat at Starke with local CFI Steve O'Donnell and others, we both departed and I escorted them in the Lightwing towards the dreaded "Pinnicals pass", just to make sure they had indeed l
  22. Dunno about "real pilots " Maj. but I did come across this pair of rascals at Starke Field near Townsville recently ! Bob
  23. G'day Rory , It's only the large amount of tax that people like you pay , that allows us to enjoy this lifestyle . Now get back to work.! Bob
  24. Thought we had the right guy , you meet so many nice people during your travels but was disappointed not hooking up with Lyle . We got to Cairns as planned and are slowly making our way South . Are at Southport now and plan to leave Wed/Thurs for mid NSW then home by late weekend .Have enjoyed the past 6 weeks and look forward to doing it again next year . Regards Bob & Sally
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