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  1. RAAus register shows a Savannah Bingo 19-4330 . Can't find an entry for 19-4329 ! Bob
  2. Gidday F.T. Just in case you happen to be serious , here is my response - "Look how many idiots drive into the ocean because the GPS tells them too." - ???? "It certainly looks like the RAA pilot failed to calculate the fuel quantity " - Yes even G.A. pilots have been guilty of doing this "...... the RAA plane failed to highlight the low fuel." -the J170 and it's systems have been certified by the aviation authorities. The a/c would have indicated the fuel level in both tanks , the same as a G.A. aircraft , however did the pilot look at both indications , have sufficient knowledge
  3. It's well known to most aviators that good fuel management includes such things as , knowing your aircraft fuel tank/s capacity , establishing fuel already in the tanks , proposed flight time , reserve required , fuel burn at cruise/climb . As has aleady been stated here , the a/c in question , a Jabiru J170 , has long tanks (around 1300mm from memory), around 60mm high due to the low wing profile . Consequently the indication of fuel level in each wing can be significantly affected by the a/c not sitting on level ground . The error can be increased depending on the degree of 'out of level' .
  4. I wondered the same thing about a year ago and was advised that it was mainly used for RFDS , Conservation and other emergencies (cyclones) etc. but it certainly looks to be well maintained and I would not hesitate to use it in an emergency. Some of our N.Q. members should be able to clarify its status . Bob
  5. Jake Nice neat circuit and gentle touchdown ! Well done Bob
  6. If you are hiring the aircraft , eg. from a flying school advise them of the situation . They may contact RAAus for confirmation . If the membership renewal takes effect from the previous expiry date , or within a short time of that date , then I would imagine it would be reasonable to assume you have ticked all the boxes. It may take some further time for the actual Pilot's Certificate plastic card to arrive, but that should'nt matter, as long as you have evidence of the renewal ,showing the dates it takes effect from/to. You could then reasonable expect that in the event of a mishap, that RA
  7. Well done Jake , I well remember the elation of my first solo at 62 years of age , (won't say how many years ago that was ) Bob
  8. Nice Photoshop Frank , does almost look real though, but you can't fool us Southerners !! Bob
  9. It's not the sun Frank , as it's raining down here and I feel the same !! There must be something we are both missing . FT seems to be 'fishin' . Bob
  10. Gidday John, and, as other forumites have said - "Welcome to the site" . You will find many fellow trikers here with a wealth of experience . I spent some time in your country about 8 years ago and was blown away by it's beauty. Lived in a secure apartment complex in Johannesburg and managed to spend some time in Kruger N.P.. Flew down to Cape Town then drove to Port Elizabeth via the coast, then back to Cape Town via the Uniondale road and Oudtshoorn . An extremely pretty part of the world and we often talk about going back . Good luck with your flying and we look forward to hearing about you
  11. Thanks Nev, Maj and OME .Have emailed your responses onto Roy Regards , bob
  12. Some time ago I wondered about the purpose of the raised section beneath the heads of AN bolts . I asked my 94 year old uncle, who established Aeroswan Aviation in Swan Hill in the 50's and operated the busines for some 40 years , making quite a name for himself in the industry . As can be seen from the letter, Roy is a remarkable person for his age, and still has an interest in all things electrical and mechanical. It may also be of interest that, at 90 years of age, he published a book of his life with particular attention given to his early years working on properties in Central Australia .
  13. biggles

    New Jabiru Engine

    Clive Just for the record , was your 38 hour engine new or rebuilt ,what were the problems leading to the new parts ,was it a 4 or 6 cyl and was it run on Avgas or Mogas Bob
  14. biggles

    New Jabiru Engine

    Gidday RKW . O.K. if you ar 80 kg or less, as its only in the J120 at this stage
  15. biggles

    New Jabiru Engine

    I would'nt get too excited fellas . Jabiru are currently doing tests on some engine mods but at this stage only have 20 hours on the engine . My guess is that any new engine will be many months , or even years away . Bob
  16. " How lucky have Jabiru been that one of their engine failures hasn't killed anyone yet." - Bit unfair don't you think David ? If you read the Flight Safety magazine you will find that even Continentals and Lycomings feature prominently, with faults such as through bolts and a manner of other things . And how long have they been manufacturing aircraft ? Bob
  17. " The Strand " is a good place to spend time enjoying a coffee while gazing out at Magnetic Island. Castle Hill walk is also well worthwhile, but probably better later in the afternoon when a bit cooler . Also depends where your accomodation is . Bob
  18. Hi Gnome , The" navigator", as detailed in her 'duty statement', is required to maintain a continuous supply of sugar free lollies at all times, particularly when coming into strips such as YSPT with 'fly neighbourly','displaced threshold','tree obstructions', 'preferred approach' ,'radio towers near turn onto final' etc.etc. . She chooses to place them on the Inst. console and this has worked very well over a number of years , however clearly this practice must cease ,as it appears that we are being held up to ridicule . I should also say that , in addition to not disagreeing with any decis
  19. [ATTACH]15438[/ATTACH][ATTACH]15438[/ATTACH] Hi David , Here is a pic. of " the navigator" and I on approach into Southport on our way back home last month . Bob
  20. Spin , I did that VFR route from just North of YCAB across Moreton Bay toward Tangalooma then down the Western side of both Moreton Is. and Stradbroke Is.last week , and are presently enjoying a few weeks on the Gold Coast before returning to Victoria. It is all done below the 3500'step and there are several options in the event of an engine failure and on a good day very scenic . I personally would not do Victor 1 in any single engine a/c. I did not continue down the Gold Coast where the recommended flight levels are 500 & 1000' but tracked over Sanctuary Cove into Southport . Bob
  21. Yes Chris the 170D is certainly a nice aircraft and an improvement over the old one with the temporary mods . Jabiru should also be commended for their prompt action in rectifying the faults and the J160 does need full concentration when landing at ( or above ) MTOW. Also nice to chat with you briefly at the factory . Bob
  22. Could'nt agree more "G" - I am a recreational pilot Biggles
  23. Good work John . Doing a similar thing on our trips I realise the effort required to make the shots interesting for others , but you seem to have this ability . A marvellous record of your trip and once again well done . Bob
  24. Pete , I can see where you are getting confused and essentially the concise reply by brillin_air is correct . You will find that with (a)the duration of your flights and (b) the conditions you will be flying in , there will be little change in the atmospheric pressure between your point of departure and your destination , hence the altimeter will read accurately at your destination . The important thing is to ensure that the correct elevation is entered at your point of departure and , providing this is done , your altimeter will read correctly at your destination also - no need to remember
  25. Good on you Pete and congratulations on the purchase of a fine aircraft . As has been stated elsewhere the Jab engine is , like many others , still " a work in progress " , and the improvements done recently have been significant in improving their reliability . The people at Jabiru are commited to further improvement and generally respond positively to input from informed and well researched sources . Unfortunately any large concern like Jabiru will have a few unhappy customers for a variety of reasons , and that appears to be a fact of life . I now have 230 hours on my 2200 engine manufactur
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