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  1. For those like Frank , who are yet to receive their Mag. I have attached a copy of the "Story of the Month " as it appears in the April edition . Hope I am not breaching copyright here . Had to minimise the files but assume you will all be able to magnify it O.K. Bob
  2. After reading the "Story of the Month " in April 2012 Sport Pilot I felt the need to make some comment . The author , and fellow forumite , is truly an inspiration to us all , and particularly other youngsters wanting to pursue their dream of flying . David , thanks for sharing your heartfelt story with us . I'm sure every one of us here wish you the very best in your future endeavour to achieve your dream . May your Grandpa keep watching over you . Bob
  3. Yes Tex you are correct and , as Frank indicated , the strip is 600 metres which makes it 1968.5 ft long . which should be more than long enough for Frank M 's 230 to land , and just as important to stop also , but stopping should'nt be a problem Frank , especially with those dual calipers . Bob
  4. Recreational Flying for me also Ian , although I am slowly getting used to Aircraft Pilots which seems to me to have some GA type overlay but ,when its all said and done , 'whats in a name anyway' . Tex I agree with your comments about the "downloading of 100-200 files", something that never seemed to happen under the old system . Bob
  5. If you're having trouble with a PC , forget about getting an iPad Frank. They are really bad news for us 'oldies' !!! Bob
  6. Does'nt get any better than this Tex ! Bob
  7. Love it Tex . Came across there from Southport enroute Moree Aug 2011 Bob
  8. biggles


    Neat set-up looks like an Amazon with some nav.software Bob
  9. biggles


    Nice a/c Tex . Unfortunately I missed out on flying one of these . Went straight to the Jab . Bob
  10. Sorry about that Matt and other forum users , but I'm doing this on my new iPad , takes a bit of getting used to.Anyway I was about to say that age is only a state of mind , thinking young with the maturity that age brings is a good combination. Good luck with whatever decision you make . Bob Bob
  11. Giddy Matt, Not too sure about advice or inspiration but there are many old pilots here. I started flying at 62 and then went on to build a J160 which was completed in 2009. We fly from Southern Vic. to Qld. regularly and are about to set off for the Gulf again after Temora.I'm not a "career pilot" either
  12. "Half an hour ago, I was working in the shed, happened to look out and saw these two Jabiru! I thought someone might like to see them, especially the Jabiru fliers, so I sneaked down through the water to take some photos. Best shot I could get as I couldn`t get any closer or I would have frightened them . They nest down the back of my neighbours farm and there are 5 of them, pity they were not all there! In the sugar cane harvesting season, they follow behind the harvester to pick up rats and bandicoots of which there are plenty, so they`re well fed". That sky looks an' interesting ' col
  13. Well done for getting airborne Frank and keeping us informed in less than ideal circumstances . Things are certainly going to be a bit soggy for some time . Bob
  14. Frank Have been watching that front on the charts and radar and you are certainly copping it . Hang in there mate ! Bob Bob
  15. OhTP....... be nice . Some people just can't help themselves Maj.!! Bob
  16. Many people find right hand circuits a little uncomfortable , particularly in a busy circuit . Take your time and slow the a/c down if possible , to allow you to familiarise with your surroundings , but try not to lose sight of the runway . When on Final everything returns to normal . Bob
  17. Very wise words indeed Nev. My first solo was done in Bundaberg in 2006 with a pleasant young instructor however I cannot recall any warning by him of the expected change in aircraft response . Being somewhat apprehensive about going alone I did not pay much attention to the faster rate of climb , being more concerned about getting safely back on the ground . My circuit was accurate and well controlled , however when I flared with the usual amount of 'back stick' , it produced a very disproportionate response to what I was used to . I knew I had done something wrong but could'nt work out what
  18. Linda , Not much happening here apart from the rain , but Temora is only a month away and hopefully the rain will have gone by then .Will catch up with you , and the J160S driver , then . Bob
  19. Does anyone have the Zaon MRX installed , if so any comments , good , bad or otherwise . Bob
  20. Paul What camera did you use ? Bob
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