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  1. Some of our fellow forumites don't allow PM's strangely enough , but then again they may not realise that they have 'de-selected' or not facilitated that action . Bob
  2. O.K down here at YBNS . Have had 100mm over last 4 days - very nice ! . Bob
  3. Oh dear , I have been ' Censored ' . The above post should have read ............ " Fuel c ---s . Please substitute another term " - Fuel valves Sorry Ian Bob:oops:
  4. My pre take-off check list states ....................... " Fuel cocks ( 3 off ) - OPEN " Bob
  5. Gidday OME , A lot of good stuff here from Frank ,Nev, Maj. and others . I was led to believe that ............... " there were three important considerations for a good landing , but know-one knew what they were " ! Wishing you continued success , Bob
  6. Do you know what fuel he is running on Alf ? Bob
  7. Why have a tank isolated anyway ? My J160 has isolating valves on each tank but they are let 'ON' at all times , and the tanks empty together (in theory anyway ) The factory a/c do not have isolating valves to prevent this very occurence from happening . Or am I missing something ? Bob
  8. My main use for NVFR was, as others have said, departing early or landing late. I remember one morning taking off from Birdsville and watching the sun come up - spectacular. Ian , I also departed Birdsville around sunrise on the way back from Karumba last year . Flew in to find that the airport was closed for runway resealing for the following 2-3 days ( did'nt check Notams !! ) . Spoke to the work Supervisor in the pub that night , and he agreed to let us get out before work commenced , but said early The day was clear and like you said , the sunrise was spectacular .Good bloke
  9. As they always say - 'depends on what you want to do with it'. The folding wings on the Aeropup may be good for someone with hangarage problems , or wants to travel and tow it around Oz , but as I understand it , you live on a property with airstrip and probably a hangar . For what its worth the Cessna 150 looks ok , but of course it would have to be checked over by a LAME , and that does'nt appear to be a problem to you either , nor does the ongoing maintenance . If it's what you want go for it . Good Luck ! Bob
  10. " Go on Alan , go on........................ " Bob
  11. Bill , You can waste a lot of time following well intended advice from others . The fault may or may not be in the radio. Try sending it back to Microair . I had a fault with mine recently and had the radio back in just over a week , and thats from Victoria .You can discuss to fault, and repair cost with the Technician , and then decide whether to go ahead or not . Bob
  12. G'Day DJP, We book from year to year and this is our third . Usually get there a few days early and stay on a few more days after its finished . Strange she has never mentioned that . Guess she is just too busy these days being a mother and running a B&B . Nice girl Teresa ! Bob
  13. Me and the girl will be there again in the Jab 160 and staying at the Patchwork Inn . Bob
  14. G'Day Andrew , Thanks for that comprehensive reply . You certainly have done some work to it , and good to hear that all appears to be well now . Do you monitor all the cylinders or just the back two ?. My temps on 3 & 4 rarely go above 230 oF which is similar to yours. I have heard about people using that centre hole for temp monitoring and it sounds like a better way than under the spark plug , which is a bit of a pain when checking the plugs and re-torqueing . What do you use to keep the T/C wire in place ? . I spent a month in Bundy last year and had the
  15. G'day Ian, Thanks for that , but my nosewheel compression rubbers are red , so no problems , however anybody that has a yellow one , would be well advised to replace it asap . It is a fairly straight forward job , but you will need a strong vice to hold the forks and a long strong iron bar to use as a lever to compress the rubbers . It is really a two man job , so you are not too sure leave it to the experts . Bob
  16. Andrew , Has the engine done 1000 hrs also ? Bob
  17. Gidday once again rage83 , and apologies for the previous error. ( are finding it hard to get used to wearing specs full time , and still try to do without them to my detriment ) I think "Kaz" has answered most of your concerns in a comprehensive, easy to understand manner , however I would just like to say ,with regard to ......" Why should I have access to the register to find out if someone else's aircraft is registered. To me that's an invasion of privacy."...... essentially the the Commonwealth Privacy Act seeks to limit information "...... about an individual whose identity is appare
  18. Oops sorry 'rage 83', I read it as "need to register" rather than " need the register " Bob
  19. Interesting to note that of the 'cancelled registrations ', some 95% of non renewals have been since the year 2000 , with a significant increase around the time of the GFC . Does'nt this seem inordinately high ?. One does wonder how many of are still operating out of private/farm strips etc. Bob Table 2a. Registration cancellations since 1986 — year cancelled At 31 January 2011 a total of 1090 aircraft registrations have been cancelled in the RA-Aus database.The following table apportions the number according to the year when cancellation occurred. A listing of thes
  20. Gidday Ash , Forget Warrnambool , go to Bacchus Marsh instead and see Brian & Linda . Nice people . Jab people . Just trying to be helpful ! Bob
  21. I'm another fence sitter also . Whatever you do will get no complaints from me . Bob
  22. Sorry about the way that came out , but try this - Bob http://www.auf.asn.au/admin/registration_cancelled_date_registered_sequence.html
  23. Iggy I think this shows that the register is not too far out of date ! Bob 31 January 2011 RA-Aus aircraft register cancellations in date of expiry sequence Registration numberManufacturerModelFirst registeredReg typeRegistration expired 19-4329 Icp Srl Bingo 20/10/2005 X 20/10/2008
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