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  1. SAJ Take the cover strips off and get somebody to move the wing vigorously while you look for any movement , at both the wing root and the strut connections . Any movement will only get worse and result in a more complex and more expensive fix , not to mention the possibility of catastrophic failure . Seem to recall I may have met you when passing through Longreach a month ago , although I may be mistaken . We have a J160 . Bob
  2. " Can anyone tell me what size the OZRUNWAYS app is? " Seb. Quite large Seb. Something in the order of 1 GB to download all the charts Bob
  3. This is good stuff that we have come to expect from you Tex .. Looks like the IPad is also put to good use . Bob
  4. Hey Frank what's going on up there. Have you been washed away , or is 300 mils in 24 hours - "just another day in paradise " Bob
  5. " You can not get acceptance for a homebuilt aircraft to fly into controlled airspace in an a/c power by a jabiru 3300." Mboyd914 -Where on earth did you hear that !! Bob
  6. Steve , Maj's knowledge , comments and advice regarding the airspace in and around Townsville is extremely accurate Bob
  7. I'm happy Maj. I reckon the Kia 's probably worth more than the Jab !! Blowing pretty hard up here at the moment but don't reckon I'll stop young Frank from going up later.
  8. G'day Brian and Linda, Jab. Is safely tucked away in Farri's hangar. Frank and I did a beach landing yesterday afternoon in the Drifter.The beach is only a few hundred meters from Franks , and is not accessible by road. Light was quickly fading , so not much time on beach to get back before last light. Although my first time in a rag and tube, I felt very comfortable with Frank . He is an accomplished pilot , although I thought having to wipe the sand off my shoes , before getting back in was a bit over the top !! Sorry Frank , we will look after your Kia. !! Will post some pics when I lear
  9. Thanks for that Linda . We are currently at Longreach and will by overflying Bluewater park on way to Cairns tomorrow. Bob
  10. Thanks Vev . I wondered how long it would be before someone mentioned this. Bob
  11. Ryan I recall seeing a Shell card sign near the Visa,MasterCard etc. The latest ersa has the Shell agent mobile number. Make sure you have it? A visa card may be good as a back up Regards Bob
  12. I left Bourke for Cunnamulla at noon today and had to call the Supplier as the visa card was declined. The system apparently still has some bugs and often needs manual intervention. We eventually got fuel along with a Savannah from near Gympie. Other than this minor annoyance it is a very good set up. No interest in ASIC card . Bob
  13. biggles

    Drifter Pics

    Excellent presentation Tex . You guys in S.E. Qld really seem to have it all. Bob
  14. Er Louis , Those brass screws do look like they've been " attacked " before . You're not a boilermaker by any chance are you ? Bob
  15. Yeah , like that Alan . And thanks Tomo for the link . My father was a flight engineer in a Cat. all those years ago . Also reminds me of the first time I flew into Longreach about 4 years ago , landing about half way down the 2000 metre strip. Bob
  16. I got up at 0430 yesterday to go to the dawn service in Melbourne with wife and 42 y.o. son in the worst conditions imaginable . The number that attended in those appalling conditions , including very young children huddled under umbrellas , left a lasting impression . My eldest son attended the dawn service in suburban Brisbane. Bob
  17. I'll have it also Frank . Something to read on the way up . You have my email address . Bob
  18. Hi Just a note to advise that Maj and Windsor68 have arrived safely at Temora . Tents erected.and are ready to rage ! Bob
  19. 150 nm south ofTemora at1340hrs Bob
  20. Safe flying to you both . Conditions look good with tail winds to Temora and a chance of some Southerly component for the trip home . Bob
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