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  1. Hi rocketdriver, where do you fly from? I live in Frankston also, and fly out of Tyabb. Joe.
  2. :clap:and to everyone to date ....Thanks to your contributions, I am coming to know the sort of thing to look for when I get to finally access the engines (they are locked away at the moment in a shed for which no one has a key!). Hopefully next week (too HOT this week!) .... cheers Martin
  3. Moorabbin aviation Mueum has a total of 5 Gypsy Queen series 30 mk2 engines, 4 of which are said to have come off the Heron Prototype and to have been overhauled and inhibited. Having been asked to see if we can get one to a ground running state, how can I tell if it has been inhibited? We have no paperwork!! Even so, will the engine need a full strip?? Opinions, (offers of help) and INFORMATION gratefully recieved! cheers!
  4. Hi RGMA and Facthunter ..... I have now downloaded the manuals you pointed me to, rgma, and TKU for that! Now for some serious homework!
  5. No rush .... need to line up a few ducks first, including the manuals ..... As far as I know they have not been turned over since we got them ..... they are said to have been overhauled and inhibited but there is no paper work, so who knows .... I thought it would be better to wait before we did anything ....
  6. Hadn't realised there was a difference between the engines of the Dove and Heron ..... just assumed they were the same ..... proof once more of what you make of yourself when you assume! .... Had a look at the engines for the first time yesterday (they are currently not easily accessed) and can confirm that they are Gipsy Queen series 30 mk 2 engines ... (well, one is, two of the others have engine plates that don't specify the engine type, just give the serial no.,and ratings and one has lost its data plate .... but they all look identical to the casual eye ....
  7. Hi Maj .... The gypsy queen 30 you would have seen in the Dove would be rated at 240 hp and weighs around 220 kg. ... just the thing to give your Lightwing a bit of a surprise! (and convert it to a heavywing!!) The later supercharged and geared GQ70 developed up to 280Kw (375 HP). TheGQ series of engines are developments of the Gypsy six that powered the Comet Racer that won the air race to Melbourne in the 30's .... Cheers M
  8. Hi Nev ... This is the first move for the museum in this direction, I think, so first off, we plan to get one of the engines runable on a stand for demos. Agree that running engines need to be looked after and run properly ..... It sounds as if you could be of real assistance with this project, and if you feel so inclined, we would really appreciate your particiption! The Heron is here, parked outside and with cowlings to suit the later conversion to Lycomings (I think) ...There are other engines including radials of various sorts and sizes and some have matching airframes ... the problem will be space if we want to run one in an airframe .... but who knows what the future will bring?! .... I would like to see more ACTION (as you say, static exhibits are dead), but there is a long chain of things that have to be made to happen before that can occur ...... including money! (and manuals!!) (as always!!) Cheers Martin PS if anyone reading this is interested in joining a very laid back group of people working together to maintain and improve one of the largest Aviation museums in Australia, you can PM me to discuss, or join directly, see www.aarg.com.au
  9. Yes, I too think it is the same engine and no, not to flying. We want to ground run one for display to the visitors....... I was foolish enough to say that I thought aeroplanes and engines should be operated whenever possible as well as displayed static (controversial in the museum community I know) and so I got the job! No luck so far ..... (I don't suppose any of the Moorabin museum a/c will ever fly again, but you never know I guess ..... even the outdoor ones would be in better condition than some of the resurrected PNG a/c .....)
  10. Hi Nev ... Came out of a Heron previously owned by Airlines of Tasmania .... cheers Martin
  11. See post of the same title in Wartbirds, Vintage and classic forum please ....
  12. After a long break .... Hi everyone! I have taken on a project at the Australian National Aviation Museum (Moorabbin Air Museum) to bring one of the Gypsy Queen 30 series engines back to life ..... does any one have, or know someone who has, manuals for these engines to donate please .... Cheers Martin
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