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  1. Useful for ifr procedure practice but not much else. The flying of the plane isn't very realistic but the procedures and equipment are. I use a pretty powerful pc with 4 monitors. Main view on 3 and instruments / gps on the 4th. In hindsight don't worry too much about the main view unless you're doing it for fun. 1 screen for the main view and 1 for the panel would be fine. There are a few options for software. Microsoft flight simulator fsx, p3d or xplane are the main ones. I am using p3d as I couldn't get fsx to work properly with windows 8
  2. Went to Goulburn recently. Good airport. Friendly people including jump school. No issues from what I could tell.
  3. Good piece of publicity http://kitplanes2.com/blog/2015/07/new-camit-distributor/
  4. Seriously mate don't stress about the CTA stuff. Certainly don't go wasting 25% of every training hour on something that will take you a few trips in and out to figure out. It will take you 3 or 4 trips in and out to get comfortable enough to do it yourself. A few more times practicing yourself and you'll be fine to go pretty much anywhere. The visual pilots guide combined with a good gps make it pretty straight forward.
  5. Why wouldn't the 6 hours count towards your RPL? Hours are hours. They can count towards your RPL, PPL or CPL as far as I'm aware. Just tell them you've done 6 hours towards your RPL, what's the difference? I've currently got an RPL and have done about 100 hours since getting it. I also have a cross country endo, retract/csu endo and CTA endo. This is essentially the same amount of training that it would take to get a PPL, except I didn't have to sit the theory exam. To convert my current RPL to a PPL would mean passing the exam and passing a flight test, there would be no extra training hours
  6. yes i meant rocket surgery. i was trying to be funny. but i digest. back to topic.
  7. geeez you know it's not always a bad thing to have to learn something new. it's not like any of this stuff is rocket surgery. there are many things you can do to make the UTC thing easier, even here in the halfa state! 1) Buy a cheap watch that you use for flying that's set to UTC 2) Buy a more expensive watch with 2 time zones 3) Install a clock with UTC in your panel 4) Use OzRunways to submit flight plans. When you file a flight plan, you can click 'now' which changes it to current UTC and then set the time based on that. So if you're filing an hour before departure, set the tim
  8. That's the sportsman that they use the 390 in. 320 is the norm on the 2 seat version glastar I believe. There are other options from superior and a diesel option is you have a spare 50k. Re STOL I agree for the most part but in SA we have a number of places that are quite short distances by air but a real pain to get to by car. Kangaroo island for example is about 75nm from my back door but it's a 5 hour ordeal by car and ferry. The Yorke peninsula and port Lincoln are also fairly close by air. I've found that it's as much about finding an excuse to fly as it is finding a plane for the mission
  9. Yes really nice aircraft. But you'll be in it for close to 200k by the time you're done. Also the preferred engine is a io-390 I believe which can't run mogas. You'd have to look at a lower compression superior which would mean a accepting less power. Still it's a very impressive plane. I'd say wait as long as you can. I'm 3 years in and my 'ideal' plane has changed multiple times from a jabiru to a 4 place tourer to a STOL tail wheel. Just fly as many different planes as you can and be realistic about your main 'mission'.
  10. I'm a bit of a tech nerd ie I often get stuff I don't really need just to try it out. As such, I have switched between OzR and AvPlan for the past 2 years. To be honest with you, I always end up back with OzR. I just find it easier to use in general and I find the weather planning a lot more useful in OzR than AvPlan. I'll probably keep subscribing to AvPlan and re evaluate every now and again, especially when I do my instrument rating, but for now I think OzR is a better platform. I have also found that AvPlan has been buggier than OzR has been. The last time I tried to use it I gave up becau
  11. Have you seen the weather feature in the flight planning screen in Oz runways? It's far more useful than a plain weather area forecast. It basically shows the various aspects of the area forecast overlayed on your flight path. There really isn't much decoding needed after that.
  12. There are two tabs in OzR. The unmodified version still exists. The TAF Graph in OzR is another manipulation of the same data that is far more useful than the plain english thing. I'd hate to see that disappear because of some pesky lawyers.
  13. It's a good learning tool, but I hope people don't see it as an excuse not to learn. There are a number of good reasons to know how to read standard format aviation reports/forecasts. The main one from a practical sense is that once you do know how to read them, you can pick up a lot of information from a quick scan of a report. Saves time when planning but also is useful in the air. With the new iwatch for example, you can have an entire metar or taf on your wrist and pick up the key points in a couple of seconds from the one screen....all of that being said, as a learning tool it's great. If
  14. Well, seeing as this topic is about Dick Smith, I'll throw in my 2 cents to get back on topic. IMHO, how anyone who loves aviation can be opposed to Dick Smith is beyond me. Threads like this only reiterate why we have a problem in the first place. All this moaning and nitpicking amongst those that should be able to band together to fight the real issues that impact on all of general / recreational aviation. Rotax vs Jabiru, RA Aus vs GA, Dick Smith having an opinion on something related to aviation that you don't agree with. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be free to discuss it, because afte
  15. Yes a great little app. Syncs with apple watch as well to give you a depiction of runways relative to where you are as well as ad frequencies. If the aerodrome has a metar available it will also display a windsock on the runway diagram which is pretty cool.
  16. Well not the kind of HUD you're talking about. That's just what they call the feature. I'm referring to the boxes at the top of the map screen. You can hold down on them to change them.
  17. I use photoshop but that aint free. there are lots of free options though. most people don't realise how useful the built in app Preview is....it can definitely take care of resizing and cropping. look under the tools menu. to crop make your selection then tools->crop. skitch is another very useful tool on the mac. now linked to evernote. good for capturing screenshots, making notes and sending on.
  18. I use both iPad and RWY on my HTC phone. As an OZR user you probably know most of this, but for the benefit of others who might not have used it on an ipad.... 1) RWY is by no means as feature packed as the iPad version. The weather tool on the iPad is especially useful on XC flights. It basically pulls all the weather info and gives you a graphical depiction of the various elements superimposed on your flight route. It really allows you to get a good idea of where the weather is and where it is going in relation to your flight path. Another great weather feature is the TAFG or TAF graph which
  19. I'm sure it's somewhere, but from a practical perspective any time you're with ATC, which for IFR aircraft is always, you're on whatever QNH they tell you.
  20. Thanks Patrick this is all very helpful. The aircraft is maintained IFR and has just had an annual. It's also used for IFR flights regularly and spends a lot of time in the Adelaide control zone and other then my two encounters, there haven't been any other issues.... That we know of. Either way probably prudent to get it checked.
  21. I get it, that makes a lot more sense. The transponder is the original 1979 so no altitude readout. It's starting to sound like there is a problem with it. I might give Adelaide a call next time I'm up and they aren't busy to see if I can do a comparison. Thanks for your help!
  22. That's interesting. Are you saying that ATC don't have equipment to adjust what is being transmitted at 1013 to local QNH so that what they are looking at on their screen is correct?? Certainly would explain it yesterday at QNH 1027. That's a 420 ft difference, which explains why he said he saw me up around 5,000. Makes sense, but doesn't make sense at the same time!
  23. Here's one for the ATC guys, or at least people that know the ins and outs of how it all works. Twice in the past month I've had an ATC at Adelaide Centre call me up saying that I was at the wrong height. The first time, I was tracking coastal along the Adelaide coast within the control zone. The required altitude is at or below 500. Obviously not much room for error, so you're pretty much watching the altimeter the whole time. When he called, he said he had me at 700 feet. on Adelaide QNH I was looking at the altimeter, verified the QNH and the altimeter was reading about 490 feet. So I re
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