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  1. bloody ugly looking machines I reckon,the much older 150/152 series have far more eye appeal
  2. hi russ, I fly a j160 here in nz and are 99% sure the fuel can transfer between tanks, so if you fill one up more than the other as long as you are on level ground or when you fly you fly straight and level with the ball centered it should even out.Where are you heading to mate? If I had 100 litres in the tanks I would flight plan that I was only carrying 85 - 90 litres , hard to get an exact fuel reading by dipping the tanks,and also remember you would want plenty of reserve fuel if you are crossing large amounts of h2o
  3. hi steve, very nice, p 200 is great machine to fly, what didn't you like about the jabiru 450
  4. bloody hell,grass on the belly? MOTZ was it flared at 10,000 ft LOL
  5. hi steve,well done mate, I amxkeen to meet you one day as I fly a jabiru down in Ashburton ps I am Grant Hetheringtons cousin
  6. hi motz, microlights here are not allowed to fly at night , however we are allowed in controlled airspace, but not over built up areas.
  7. I consider a 500m strip the minimum that i would operate a J160 in, but saying that there are lots of variables, good headwinds for take offs and landing obviously help heaps as does low temps and high air pressure. Given the variables I mentioned above you could probably get away with 400m and maybe less, but if you are useing the strip lots most of the time one of these will be against you. So 500m it is for me, unless GIVEN conditions on the day are ALL favourable. Also strip conditions play a part to, try and accelerate a JAB fast on grass that is damp and longish, pretty tough!!
  8. Here in NZ we have a J160 and an Alpi Pioneer 200 , both are charged out at $110 hr, regardless of training or private hire (our great instructors do it for love of flying).
  9. I had a mate ask me the other day whether 3 good bounces on landing equate to our regulations of doing 3 take off and landings every 90 days!!!!!!! LOL:oh yeah:
  10. So Ian, why did you buy another Jab if you were/are not comfatable with the engine??
  11. did she enjoy the stick and rubber???? LOl:roflmao:
  12. Hi, Pioneer 200/300 are very nice aircraft to fly, I have about 25hrs in the 200 PIC and about 6 in the 300 as PAX. Maj, they are nicely built but the earlier 200's were a bit weak in the undercarriage, we have had a couple of issues with ours in our group. I believe this has been beefed up now and all good, .We have the Jab 2200 in ours and it seems to suit the 200 well, get 100 knots cruise at about 2750 rpm
  13. Hi just wondering if anyone here has had much experience with Avid aircraft and/or rotax 582 engines. Reason i ask,there is a nice on for sale here in NZ and I am dreaming about buying it!!!!! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/Aircraft/Aircraft/auction-370471245.htm
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