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  1. If that is correct, our government could say to Lim Kim Hai, that we buy Rex off him for an advantageous price. Then the Government would have all of the routes that were bugbears for the large airlines, (the regional routes). It could service them at a loss, getting levies from the states per pax carried? It could also do East West (Sunstate) and also use Rex on money for jam routes to keep any major airline honest! (Only my 2 cents worth)
  2. That seems to be it in black and white.......
  3. The question is NOT asking you to insert heat, friction against treadmills, etc! It is asking you to"HYPOTHETICALLY" accept that the "CONVEYOR BELT" is perfect and can maintain the exact speed of the plane's momentum even under changes to forward or backward movement.Then, the plane will NOT take off! Take the analogy of the wheel brakes being on and irregardless of whether the propeller is at full speed, full pitch or just idling, the plane will NOT take off! (unless the brake is released) In real life, there is no perfection and "hypothetical". Natural forces come into play and the pl
  4. The conveyor will increase it's backwards movement to match the plane's forward movement, so the plane is still not moving and will not fly. (This conveyor has a control system that tracks the plane speed and tunes the speed of the conveyor to be exactly the same (but in the opposite direction). Can the plane take off?"
  5. My Mum passed away in December and I stand to receive a small inheritance, which, with the few dollars that i have saved should be enough to do the things that I need. However, as the AU$Dollar is falling through the floor I may have to wait for better times, Mate! JoeW
  6. ""Charge members an annual fee equal to a magazine subscription or part thereof. ($20?)"" Unfortunately it needs to be more than that! I would envisage $10 per month, plus maintain the gold members! Those are people with spare cash the they can afford and which some of us struggle to.
  7. Yes, How about a $10 a month subscription and the donation as a first class member with a "minimum" ???
  8. I don't mind to "donating" as a first class member. I can afford the $50.00 as a pensioner, but , would be hard pressed to donate much more. I need to save to buy an aircraft and have flying lessons to have an RAAus certificate, to be able to fly the same aircraft. I am not a computer genius but would distributed computing work? i mean, there are all these computer times of members that could be used for free?
  9. Why, Mr Maktuk, how easily the veneer of civility has cracked! When you criticise other people it’s ok, but as soon as someone dares to criticise you, the wheels fall off! I leave you with a fine quote suitable for this occasion: Laws are made for the guidance of wise men and blind obedience by fools!
  10. Dear Mr Maktuk, did you thank all of the people who died just so you can fly relatively safely? You are running down people, calling them names, and for what reason? Is it to get your name up in lights, is it because you are on some power trip? I am sure that you’d like to be the boss of CASA and bring some more rules to make the life of others hard! What happened to minding your own business? I am afraid, the likes of you are the reason that I haven’t built and flown my own aircraft yet. Somebody mentioned Gus Grissom, in a previous quote. I remember the exact day when he died in an eng
  11. Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
  12. What about people from NSW who are coming to Tyabb later this year to one of the flying schools to get their GA/Raaus Pilot Licence???????
  13. I would like to say hello as a new member. Currently awaiting funds to purchase an aeroplane and learn to fly. I will post when this happens. cheers. JoeW
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