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  1. Can some one please advise the maximin current a jabiru 2200 engine starter motor uses , I wish to fit a power meter which is inserted on the earth to battery negative connection and I need to size the shunt.
  2. Sorry you missed my point with the plane stripped, no fuel no pilot etc the aircraft is 25 kg heavier than the “originally declared weight” this I believe is not uncommon with450kg jabiru aircraft what I was interested to know is what do people do to get round the issue - fly only one up with less than 1 hours fuel.
  3. Firstly I must declare I don’t own a jabiru aircraft I own a savannah vg with a 2200 jabiru engine but a good friend has I believe a ul jabiru with one internal tank rather than wing tanks but he has hit a problem with the aircrafts weigh. Can someone enlighten me as the aircrafts normal base weight prior to putting in fuel and passenger slit can end up at 450kg
  4. Sorry to sound stupid but could someone post a couple of photos of the options my (engine2965) has fibre glass air cowls with the spark plug heads sticking out through rubber o rings and the plug Ht cap pushed through Theo ring closing up the clearance. Here in the uk where it is not so hot I have just fitted cooling pipes for the coils!!
  5. You could do what I do and connect your ipad4 to your phone using hotspot/tethering providing the range is not to far, this should be the cheapest option
  6. I splashed our on a Tesco ( super market here in uk) hudl2 running sky demon mounted in the roof of my savannah vg, it’s slightly larger screen and a higher res than a iPad mini but is not compatible with my new lightspeed Zulu headset so I might move to a mini.
  7. For what’s it worth having been an engineer for all my life, while digital look nice when you are up to your neck in a swamp with crocs all around you can glance at an anologue gauge and note the needle position and can tell if it’s right, but in a bumpy ride you have a problem reading the digital values. For reading the CHT I have thermistors under 1 spark plug per head which all go to a four way switch before a cable goes onto the gauge then I can just rotate the switch to read all the heads (but tend to leave it on no.4 the hottest)
  8. For what it’s worth I’m in the uk with a savannah vg fitted with a jab 2200 engine no 22A2958 a while ago I experience a problem with no.1 cyclinder not work, I chocked for a spark at both plugs, carried out bot types of compression test (no.1 cylinder was approx 10psi up on the other three) stripped and found no fault with the carb and after much head scratching called in the uk jabiru guru Keven Hymen would turned up pulled my engine out of the air frame and left. A long time later he told me the hydraulic tappers were not working properly (how did I get such good compression?) and overhau
  9. Someone in Australia is marketing fuel injection for the Jabiru enginrs
  10. these TOCA are specially built for the jabiru with alternative thermostats (I have a 83 deg C) all dependant on the version of the engine you have, I bought mine from Kev Hyam ([email protected] uk tel no: 07415 494717) who will recommend the thermostats you need subject to engine type, but they are actually made by Steve Rance ([email protected]) who makes lots of other wonderful goodies (see attached photo) The TOCA UK BMAA approval is. minor mod approval number 1498 part 2. it is also approved by the LAA
  11. for general info for pilots with Jabiru engines in the UK I have found fitting one of Stev's TOCA units is covered under minor mod reference 1498 part 2. The advantage of the TOCA is faster warm up of the oil (in my case to 83deg C) and then as the engine gets hot that temperature is maintained even if you then fly to the south of France in the middle of high summer (or any where else for that matter). As a point of interest it would be nice to know if any of our over seas colleagues ever suffer over heating on the Lub oil side. As to oil I thought every one uses a multi grade I use Tota
  12. I note someone said the TOCA is BMAA approved, can someone let me know the approval number as I have fitted one of Steves units (via Kev Hyam) and I need to submit a minor mod for the installation. Ian Gardner
  13. Here in the UK we seem to have stuck with the plastic tube going down through the wing (our bugs might be bigger and hence don't fit in the 3mm tube!) regarding the fitting of an iPad/android tablet I propose mounting mine off the roof in front of the P1 position on a sloping Ali plate (35mm at back zero at front and take a 5volt PSU off the roof breakers/switches, the holder is available on eBay for £17 (its a wall mount unit for a iPad mini)
  14. Is it possible that a pattern for you passenger seat storage bag be made available?
  15. I never thought of rugby socks I just bought some red canvas and sowed up a set - the plane now has pyjamas (hanger covers) slippers (tyre covers to protect again UV) and gloves - all matching of course!!
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